Crafting any homemade skin care or beauty product is a ritual that gets me reacquainted with my pantry. I love how deep and diverse every creation has the potential to be. What I've found to be the most empowering is using 1-3 ingredients to whip up something magical. In this case, I've literally whipped up a homemade body cream that is simple, yet effective.

Sometimes all we need is the reassurance that we've got this. And it's so much easier to ride the wave of beauty-know-how when we have an arsenal of simple, quick recipes. Today's recipe is an adaptation from Sara Panton's Essential Wellbeing. This book has been a true delight to read. It's proving to be a handy resource for everyday essential oil knowledge, as well as a guide for daily rituals and moments of intention. I (reluctantly) put this book down, ready to concur so many essential oil projects. Instead, I opted for this one.

Working with essential oils, especially if you're new to this avenue of wellness, can be overwhelming and can leave you with so many questions. In her book, Sara Panton (co-founder of Vitruvi), makes learning about essential oils digestible and enjoyable. There is no mistaking the accessibility of this realm after reading this beautiful guide. I am so grateful for this treasure and find myself referring back to pages about lymphatic drainage massage, morning face steams, and hair tonics.

Homemade Whipped Body Cream


1 cup organic solid virgin coconut oil
1 tsp organic liquid honey (optional)
½ tsp perfume oil (optional)


Using a stand mixer with the whisk attachment (or hand mixer), whisk the coconut oil & honey & perfume on the highest speed until soft peaks form, about 5 minutes. During warmer months, place the coconut oil in the bowl of the stand mixer and refrigerate for a few minutes until it solidifies, then add the other ingredients and whip. Store homemade whipped body cream in a glass container with an air-tight lid, out of direct sunlight for up to 2 months. For humid climates or throughout spring and summer, store in the fridge to maintain the whipped texture.


Simply whipping the coconut oil on its own is a lovely way to get the smooth, lightweight texture of the body cream with just one pantry staple. For added love, the honey contains antimicrobial properties that benefit the skin and help to draw out impurities. Sara Panton has a recipe in her book called "The Land of Lavender and Honey" in which she infuses honey and lavender essential oil into this simple whipped body cream for extra indulgence. I love to use this lavender version at night or any time I want to induce a state of calm.

Use this homemade whipped body cream in the evening, after a warm bath. When you plan to moisturize determines which essential oils or fragrance you use. I've made this as part of my Sunday check-in ritual and lounged around in my bathrobe during the day, steeping in the steamy goodness.

An ethereal fragrance oil.

In this recipe, I've added my seasonal signature fragrance. From a local aromatherapy and massage oil boutique, I buy a perfume called Ethereal Amber that is earthy and sensual. It lifts my spirit and grounds my being for the ritual of the day. This blend gives me an extra feel-good boost, especially on days when I work from home and spend many hours indoors.

In her book, Sara includes three essential oil blends for this homemade whipped body cream recipe. In just ten conscious drops, you can create a blend that is unique to you. Enjoy experimenting with this recipe and let me know which scents you've come up with.

Lastly, name your homemade fragrance. If you've concocted an essential oil blend that is pleasing to you, celebrate this incredible moment by choosing a name that evokes the essence of your blend. Use a piece of masking tape and a permanent marker or pen, or delicately scribe onto a beautiful label.

Make it a ritual.

Anoint your body with this homemade whipped body cream, using firm yet gentle strokes from your feet to your shoulders in the direction of your heart. Massage any areas where you feel tension and strain. Breathe deeply to ignite all of your senses.

Be careful to wipe your feet before walking. For best results allow your body to soak up the nutrients on its own. You may also pat dry before dressing so as not to stain your clothing.

Alternatively, apply the oil before a bath and allow the steam of the hot water to penetrate the oil into your skin. Seal in the moisture by rinsing with cool water. Be careful as the tub may be slippery. Wear socks or slippers and wrap yourself in a clean, soft linen sheet or warm, dry robe.

Have a glass of water and grant yourself permission to read a book, watch television or rest.

In one act of self love is a practice worth revisiting weekly, if not more often.

Homemade Whipped Body Cream