We welcome spring with an awakening ritual. May your heart be open and your aura be light. Learn how to go from sleepy bear to goddess aware.

Winter may have been an arduous affair for you, depending on where you live. For me, winter has had a mild temperament this time around. Inevitably, however, the longing and anticipation of spring is undeniable.

Go from sleepy bear to goddess aware.

Today's ritual focuses on curating an environment that serves as the foundation for your seasonal transformation. Create space and clear the canvas for your ritual awakening. Honor spring with this new beginning.


Open the windows and doors of your sacred space. Allow the air to flow in from the outside and through your home to carry out all stagnant energy. Winter can be positioned as "heat trapping" in which the lot of our efforts are in producing and capturing heat. Along with this heat is often trapped moisture.

Open up your home to dry out all moisture trappings and invite a renewed sense of relief. Like a cold shower first thing in the morning, a good blanket of crisp, cool wind will awaken your senses and renew your spirit.


Clear all surfaces, one at a time. I love to welcome spring by clearing the canvas and truly starting the season off fresh. Use your favorite, non-toxic dusting spray and a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Choose one room in your house and begin. Slowly move throughout the room gently clearing dust from all surfaces.

Wipe down everything before returning it to its rightful place. Now is the time to rearrange items on your dresser, on the mantle, or other common surfaces to spark the start of spring. I like to create color palettes throughout my sacred space. For spring, I love light pinks, jade-like greens and vibrant blues. Swap out gold and rusty colors for silver finishes and mirrored surfaces.

Welcome Spring with Flowers


Invite something new into your home. Channel the season's brightest insights. Bring home a bouquet of seasonal, fair-trade flowers from the market. Invite a new scent to bless your sacred space and enliven your aura. This may be in the form of a candle, incense, perfume, or essential oil diffuser blend.

Search for new flavors to engage your palette. Taste test new coffees until you're introduced to a light, spring blend with notes of citrus and toffee. Opt for a spring jasmine green tea, or white tea with rose. Match your mornings with a grassy matcha, perfect for spring.


Prune and repot your trees and potted leafy plants. Peel back the yellowed leaves to make room for new growth. Trim browned edges off spider plants and incorporate new soil to enrich every leaf. Make new plants from the baby nests and gift to someone you treasure. Love the life growing in your sacred space.

Prune or pluck the things from your life that add clutter and stress or deprive you of joy. Donate unwanted or unused items. Sell or consign all others. Remove all winter wardrobe items, leaving a cashmere sweater or two to bridge the seasons. Stow winter socks and coats if it feels right to do so now. Make room for lighter outerwear and spring-themed essentials to take the stage.


Charge your crystals under the light of the full moon. Set them on the sill of an eastern window to catch the morning kiss of the sun. Imbue your workspace with positive energy. Strike a balance between the masculine and feminine energies. Be in control and receptive to change in equal measure.

Charge your being with an intention. Decide what you want more of this season. Then, ask for it during your morning meditation or when you connect with your goddess of choosing. In this way, you are in charge of your environment, balanced in energies, and in charge of your response to what life has in store for you.

Flower Vase with Glass Beads

I love to welcome spring with an awakening ritual by first implementing changes in my physical environment.

By opening the windows, clearing space and inviting something new, I'm already setting the foundation for a pleasant response to the season to come. Removing clutter or unwanted things through the pruning process works hand-in-hand with infusing myself and my environment with goodness.

Begin with a clean canvas, and it's in your hands to choose what you allow into the frame.

So, let me ask you this: What will you allow into your life this spring?

When I sit down to write or create in any other capacity, it's likely that my workspace will become crowded and messy. Before I can produce decent work, or feel primed to get started, I must have a tidy home elsewhere. Not everyone feels this way, but it is my firm belief that our environments impact our state of mind and thus our state of being.

I love to clean my entire house, exert some effort and sweat maybe, and then provide the same level of care to myself. After a good scrubbing of the home, I like to apply a similar strategy to my physical being.


Scrub away winter skin with an exfoliating skin care ritual. Reveal your brightest, softest, most nourished skin yet. A simple recipe for this is equal parts organic sugar and oil of your choosing (maybe almond, avocado, coconut, or grapeseed oil). For extra brightening power, grate in some lemon zest and stir in freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Set aside time to do a thorough floor and tile scrubbing, but also mark your calendar for time to scrub you too.


Soak your feet in a refreshing, soothing foot bath. Either sit on the edge of your tub or fill a beautiful large, low-rimmed tub or bowl with warm water. The possibilities are endless at this point. So, choose a few ingredients to nurture your hardworking feet back to life and into open-toed shoes!

I like to use peppermint and lemon, or tea tree and grapefruit or orange essential oils. Of course, I like to add a nourishing oil as well. Opt to put a tablespoon or two of olive oil in the water. Epsom salt will aid you in relaxing and can be perfect after a long day of welcoming spring with your awakening ritual. Give your feet a good scrubbing, and then rest them in a foot soak to dissolve the day.


Reimagine your potential! Create a list of things you would like to accomplish this season, or this year. Then, organize your list project size. Place small tasks or projects at the top of your list. By completing these quick goals first, you can gain momentum to tackle the larger goals on your list.

Give yourself permission to either quit projects that aren't serving you, or narrow your focus to get things done. Spring is a new chapter to unfold, so utilize this fresh start as an opportunity to nix a project or wrap things up and move forward.

Welcome Spring With An Awakening Ritual

Welcome Spring With An Awakening Ritual

Spring is the start of new beginnings. All that has been paused throughout winter is renewed at this time. Consider how you feel most rejuvenated after hibernation. Peel back the layers and bring yourself into the light with an awakening ritual.

This time of year is yours to shine. Curate an environment that allows your creativity to flow. Make this year the one in which your desires manifest and your goals come into fruition. A little mindfulness goes a long way.

Go inward in order to bring forth your light. Dig deep to discover your truth. Mine the goodness that you discover, and let that be your theme for spring. Consider how summer will unfold by planting the seeds of spring.

Welcome spring with an awakening ritual that aligns with your essence.

What will you allow into your life this spring?

Paint me a picture with words in the comments below. Which of these suggestions are you excited to implement?