Star Sister Society is a WOMEN ONLY online gathering of women who communicate through a secret email correspondence. The woman who joins this Society believes that it's her responsibility to care for herself at the same frequency & determination as she cares for others. Without tending to her vessel, she is illustrating to others that she is unworthy & undeserving of the love and compassion that she gives.

Teach others to care for themselves, asking less of you, by living by example of your words and actions. Know that there is plenty of love to give when you've directed your attention inward. It's this inward fullness that magnetizes others to you who are ready to learn to be their own healers, taking their power back, and being the source of care for all their needs.

Inside the Star Sister Society, we work together as mirrors and accountability partners for the spiritual and personal growth required for the health of our planet. When you are living in alignment with who you truly truly are, and embodying the essence of your spirit through deep inner healing, you become an anchored pillar in the earth for the world to heal on its axis. For now, for later, and forever, may you become aware of and apply the magic integrated within for you, for us, and for the planet herself.

I believe in a woman's innate wisdom to heal herself. When she lives spherically, she heals in every direction.