Welcome to sipping sun. In this moment, grant yourself permission to slow down. Take a deep breath in, filling your lungs to their capacity. Pause for 4, 3, 2, 1. Exhale slowly and fully. Repeat once more. Allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm. Now, notice how you feel.

You have been guided here today because you are ready to accept full responsibility for your life. There is only one person who governs your energy, boundaries, and contentment. Her name you know intimately.

Place your right hand over the back of your left rib cage. Now, place your left hand over your right shoulder. Close your eyes and say these words to yourself:

"I am the light. I am the only person who governs my energy, boundaries, and contentment. I choose to live in alignment with my true nature and I trust in my intuition to guide me. I am my own guide."

Know that you are capable of becoming self-reliant and independent in your adult life while maintaining and nurturing healthy relationships with others. By creating boundaries and building an arsenal of resources to act in your benefit during times of illness or uncertainty, you are setting yourself up to be your own best friend.

In turn, you are able to be the light that others need and rely on in their lives. Choosing to be single or to live alone doesn’t equate to being lonely. It is your first step to truly getting to know yourself and becoming comfortable being in your own company.

By the end of each day, it’s imperative that you choose you. From a place of complete self-acceptance, you show others how you wish to be treated. In this space of worthiness, you will attract people who respect your choices and your boundaries.

Your goal is to feel at peace. You want to feel at peace with yourself, and with others. This is the frame of your life, a construction you are responsible for. Embody your personal freedom to build the foundation for a life that, to you, is worth living.

sipping sun & the golden ritual

Imagine your life as a handmade vessel that was crafted deliberately with love. You received this vessel in a unique shape that you are learning to love, appreciate, and nurture. From the outside, you have the freedom to modify as you desire.

Inside, you have equal freedom to concoct a tonic that is dynamic, ever-evolving, and truly beautiful. Inevitably, this process requires you to experiment. Along the way, you may find that you’ve composed a life or set of circumstances that are distasteful.

Notice how this current life makes you feel. What about it isn’t pleasing to you? On the contrary, what’s working well, or can be enhanced in order to shed light unto the dark recesses?

You may be inclined to empty the contents of your vessel in order to begin anew. In some cases, reinventing yourself is the answer. Before you resort to a dramatic solution, however, consider how you can work with what exists right now.

In which ways can you adapt to your environment, and in which ways are you able to optimize?

Think about your ideal life. What does it feel like from inside your container? How does it feel to be you in this body, in this home, and in this world?

By changing how you approach every moment in your life, you change your unique experience every day. Alter your internal environment so that you can live with kindness, compassion, and humor. Reflect these changes within the walls of your vessel.

Show yourself that you are capable of becoming your own best friend. This lightness, this love, is what radiates upwards and outwards, visible to all. Look inside this adaptable, intentional vessel and love what you see.

There will be darkness and there will be light. Know that we each have granules of darkness and heaps of light. Work with what you have and focus on improving and refining the light. In time, you will realize that eventually, the darkness evaporates in the reduction process.

What you’re left with is a pleasing refinement of what could be many possible outcomes. Congratulate yourself on this incredible accomplishment and revel in the journey that has lead you here. Know that you are exactly where you need to be, and you have endured every necessary challenge in order to produce the essence of your life.

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Become Your Own Guide

Always remember to take inventory of your life. Look inside. Do you love what you see?

If you think by changing the outermost layers of your vessel you will acquire the life-long contentment you seek, think again. The outside may be a representation of your desires, but to live authentically and believably, it is the recipe within that will radiate your truth. You won’t have to explain. It will be known, and at the very least, felt somehow.

There are many names for this approach to life // I call it sipping sun. A refined life is one you live in honor of you. As a result, you become your own guide and your life becomes the golden ritual.