Le STUDIO sipping sun exists to celebrate the receptive & nurturing qualities that are inherently feminine. An artist's sensitivity & openness allow her to nurture her creativity into existence. Le STUDIO was birthed out of the love for all creative expression, the magic abundance of our planet, and hands·collaborative effort to support women artists on their artistic journeys & beyond.

We are artists as true at they come, finding a use for every scrap of material and shred of possibility, having complete optimism for the health of our planet. When we are aligned with our authentic paths & following our maps to joy, we plant seeds of positivity back into the planet. Together, we are charging our Earth Mother with the gratitude & artistic responsibility to continue co-creating with our most divine aspects of self.

sipping sun is committed to being a source for sustainable practices that benefit its artists, our collectors, and the planet. You can expect to receive your Le STUDIO art piece in recyclable, reusable, and intentional packaging. We source our products from companies who also adhere to our high standards for sustainability, quality, and impact.

When we look at the health of our planet, we examine the state of our communities and the ways in which we are creating dialogue around difficult topics. We are talking about racism, sexism, and ageism in an effort to reach a deeper understanding of one another, and to create space for the most diverse stories & experiences to be told. Supporting BIPOC, AAPI, and anyone who identifies as a woman, is at the heart of sipping sun.

Founded in 2021, Le STUDIO's mission is to start out as consciously and intentionally as possible. We expect to make mistakes, and to get it wrong. The fear of and resistance to failure is far less than our desire to do the important work required to create inclusive creative environments, in the studio, out in the world, and at home. We choose to confront racial-biases, exploring how they've shown up due to subconscious programming & unmeasured beliefs.

As unique as every living thing, each art piece resembles the perfectly flawed aspects that define us all. These “flaws” are meant to be celebrated & accepted as a natural part of the creation process. We hope that you feel connected to the hands & women responsible for the art you purchase from Le STUDIO.

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Meet The Artists


Le STUDIO Artist, Nezire is a professionally trained ceramic tile artist who lives and creates in Kütahya, Turkey. Since 1990, she has been hand·painting çinitezhip tiles where she chose tile art as her focus at Kütahya Girls' Vocational High School and studied under Mehmet Koçer at University. Her work now extends to the hand·painted ceramic pendants available at sippingsun.

Nature's extraordinary beauty has always inspired Nezire, and she finds that tile art is a wonderful place to portray this essence. Her greatest joy is creating a piece of artwork that is loved and appreciated by others. Tile art is an ancient & traditional art form in Turkey and she is grateful to part of the effort to keep tile art alive in her city.

While Nezire's ceramic pendants contain similarities, each art piece is truly original and just as special as the person wearing it.

As a tile artist with experience in the topical decoration of ceramics, she is interested in obtaining a potter's wheel for herself so that she can practice making her own clay shapes & vessels for her paintings. Nezire's interests include miniature pencil work, and illumination arts, even if not professionally.

Whenever possible, she revels in the evening hours in which she paints at home in a spare room she's designated as her studio.

❝When I make tiles, it is almost as if I lose contact with the world, my feet are off the ground and I am moving to another dimension.  Nothing passes through me at that moment except just me and my work.❞ - Nezire


Le STUDIO Artist, Meryn is the founder of sipping sun & curator for Le STUDIO. She currently lives in Reno, NV where she studies herbalism and facilitates her studio connections from her dining room table. Surrounded by books, artwork, plants, and animals, she is amidst some of her greatest inspirations. A daily walk or hike is an integrative way that she sparks her creativity, strengthens her mind and body, and bonds with her Labradoodle, Moonee.

While she enjoys a wide range of creative expression (including digital photography, hand-lettering, and acrylic painting), Meryn's modes of vitality are teaching women how to live more intuitively, creative writing & storytelling, and recipe development. You can connect with Meryn in the comments section on The Blog and by SUN·SCRIBING to News & Let·Her, a Full M⦿⦿n blog update & personal message from the artist herself.

Meryn is passionate about celebrating women's bodies and creating conversations around what it means to be a woman today. She is an advocate for women's healthy body image, redefining what it means to be beautiful, and talking about amazing women-founded brands for clean beauty, feminine hygiene, and skin care products.