I've been inviting goddesses into my sacred space for many years, and it was actually when I read Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose that I learned to associate my prayers with the likes of each goddess. To call in what I most need in this moment, I now call in the divine legend that governs these qualities. I give thanks, and I ask that my heart be opened for the guidance, support, or abundance to come my way.

Goddesses have been part of cultures and central to traditions for centuries. There are thousands of them! I am in awe of the ways in which women were idolized and honored and treasured in centuries passed. To continue this marvel, I connect with a different goddess based on my desires and where I could use a little leverage in fulfilling aspirations of all kinds.

Each goddess contains a special reservoir of gifts, and by calling upon her, she can lend her gifts to you. I call on a goddess when I feel directionless, find myself at a low point, or in preparation for a challenge. In the very moment that you choose to sit in silence, realize that you are woven into the vastness of ancient female wisdom. You are fully supported and highly intuitive.

Know that when you feel lost or out of alignment, it is simply your chance to pause and recognize where you are so that you can pivot and make your way back home. When calling in goddesses, there are differences among them that I encourage you to honor. Not all goddesses are the same.

What's most important, however, is that you set intentions mindfully and make your offerings accordingly.

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space

I truly enjoy scavenging for offerings to put on my altar for each goddess. I use it as an opportunity to get creative, plus it's a chance for me to be playful and light in preparation for my request. Usually, I recognize how much I truly have and that I'm brimming with wonderful gifts to offer my treasured guide.

Goddesses have qualities that we can each find within ourselves. When we are feeling less than our brightest, most magnetic selves, inviting a goddess into our sacred space may be just the right medicine. To balance out emotions or energy, you may call in a goddess who embodies opposite qualities. Her contrast may aid in viewing your circumstances differently.

If you are unsure which goddess to call in, I suggest sitting in meditation for a few minutes while you qualify your current state and ask the Universe to help you call in the appropriate divine energy. Another suggestion is to research a handful of different goddess to determine the best fit.

Often, we resort to communicating with goddesses in emergency situations; however, it's extremely beneficial to maintain on-going relationships with them. Shiva Rose likens it to taking each of the goddesses out on a date, getting to know them intimately - which is an analogy that I love and recommend to you.

Know that the goddesses want to help you, and will offer what they can when called upon. What's really special is understanding when a certain goddess's energy is present in your life. This understanding helps you to grow a deeper relationship with her. Acknowledging this goddess energy strengthens your capacity to believe in our interconnectedness, which strengthens trust in your intuition to guide you.

Notice how you feel in the presence of this sacred energy. Give thanks for the wonderful things that enter your life, and to the feelings of hope, joy, and clarity. Give thanks to your creativity and the love that enters your life in all forms. No acknowledgement is too small, and there is no such thing as too much gratitude.

Give thanks on your terms and know that you're the only one who can tell you when you've given enough.

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space

Prepare For Your Goddess

Each goddess is attracted to different things, and so there are naturally different approaches for inviting a goddess into your sacred space. The following suggestions are what make me feel the most present and connected. It's important that you follow your intuition and let your heart guide you to make decisions. What feels right to you will resonate with your goddess, and your prayers will be heard and answered.


Designate a space where your altar will be. If you don't have an altar already, it is very simple to create one. An altar can be a whole room or a single surface that is pleasing to you. An altar should be someplace accessible and I suggest in a well-lit and ventilated area. Some altars are even outside! Listen to what calls you and use what's available to you.

I have an altar on my mantle where I gather fallen things in the park and pay homage to the beauty that has landed at my feet. I like to honor the seasons in this way and set intentions for my home and family. It's especially moving to have one altar dedicated to hosting a goddess. Choose a place that encourages and allows you to be yourself. This may seem basic, but it's very important that you create a space that honors who you are at all stages and phases of your life. Allow your altar to evolve and change as you do. This quote sums it up perfectly:

"An altar alters you." -Shiva Rose, Whole Beauty


Clean your home. Clean regularly so that the goddesses will be able to swoop in unannounced! Ever had a last minute guest "pop by" without warning? Maintain the cleanliness of your home throughout the week by tidying each night and planning more thorough cleaning every 7-10 days, or whenever works best for you and your lifestyle and needs.

Clean and clear your altar in between rituals. I'm guilty of adding things to my altar with full intention and then leaving them to collect dust (or dim in vibrancy). When you feel like your life is chaotic and overwhelmed, cleaning your altar is like "cleaning your life," as Shiva mentions in her book. So, take good care to not overlook this space, and treat it as it has the potential to be - sacred.


Cleansing your environment is an incredible way to reset your sacred space. Some of my favorite ways to cleanse the energy in my home is by smudging with sage or palo santo, and by lighting incense. Open all doors and windows to allow for proper air flow and dispersement of smoke. Know that your intentions and prayers can be heard from the heavens in the spirals of this cleansing, so sneak in an intention when smudging.

In High Vibrational Beauty, Kerrilyn Pamer and Cindy Diprima Morisse (founders of CAP Beauty) like the mantra, "Let there be love, let there be light," and of course I love it too. It's a simple mantra that is suitable to everyone. You may also ask that your space be cleansed of negative or stagnant energy and that it may now be filled with positive, new energy. The words aren't always important, so long as you are infusing your space with positivity and choose to remain fully present.

Cleansing falls into the ritual category on its own as I find it to be quite transformative. When smudging with incense, consider burning ones that are as natural as possible. Even though the smoke escapes through the window, remnants of the oils and fragrances linger and continue to effect your air quality; so ensure that you will only be breathing in the purest scents.

As for sage, you may be able to find the sage leaves bundled with flowers and other herbs or wood pieces that offer added cleansing and clearing benefits. Making your own bundles is easy and the ritual of gathering fresh sage leaves offers more depth to your ritual ceremonies.


A simple way to call in a goddess is by lighting a candle. There is symbolism associated with a candle's color and you can reference a Wiccan guide to help bring in what you're calling forth. I love to use a natural beeswax candle, which comes in varying shades of yellow, because of its air purifying properties. The scent of beeswax is heavenly and floral and truly comforts the senses. Before lighting, take a deep inhale of the wax part of the candle. Exhale slowly. Repeat until your whole body relaxes. Know that you are part of one of the most beautiful cycles of life.

One candle is plenty if you choose to use it. When I'm really in need of the support, I often light a few, and if I really want to feel the warmth, I'll light more. What I love is to see which candle's flame grows the tallest, which one flickers and dances with its shadow around the room. I'll usually have my eyes closed during my meditation and prayer and open them to realize that my goddess has been responding all along!


Depending on the goddess, I like to add different types of jewelry to my altar. If I have real gold, or a string of pearls, I'll offer to the queens, for example. I also love to create themes with the jewelry, such as turquoise and silver for a goddess like Artemis who is a huntress and is wild and brave. When I want to connect with my sexuality or I'm focusing on my lower chakras, I will add jewelry that is elegant and really brings out my femininity.

Whatever you believe will be attractive to the goddess you're calling in, she will be delighted at your thoughtfulness and receive your gift openly. Use your imagination when offering jewelry. Think about a pair of earrings, bracelets, rings, tiaras and crowns, necklaces and malas, or things made in nature with flowers and weeds or grass. Anything that feels special to you or holds a special place in your heart is welcome.


Anything and everything that can be added to your altar might easily sit under this title. But for now, I'd like to include any physical item that brings you joy, that reflects what you are thankful for or what or whom you would like to protect. Sometimes this comes in the form of a photograph or keepsake that protects a memory.

Consider adding small trinket dishes and boxes. The boxes may contain a few secret treasures that represent your privacy and boundaries. I have a beautiful wooden butterfly carved box that I received as a gift from my mother. For a long time I wasn't attracted or attached to this box in any way, but believed that some day I would be better able to connect with it. Well, since I have gone through so many changes and consider this particular time in my life to be one of complete transformation, I love to offer this box when I need help growing through an especially taxing phase.


How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space

Crystals, Rocks & Stones

Bring home a rock or stone that caught your attention while at the beach, or on a hike, or during a road trip or adventure. If it's pleasing to you, it will immediately amplify your altar and your life. Crystals fall into the same bracket, although you will likely be drawn to them in an archeology shop or any other local crystal boutiques. Mining for your own crystals is an option as well, and I encourage you to learn crystal mining etiquette so as not to disrupt the integrity of the crystals and to pay respect to the process and our planet.

Every crystal has a unique set of properties that may aid in the wide array of conscious work you are doing to heal. Some open the heart, some help to create balance in your life, some help with manifesting your desires, and others protect you during your travels. I often place certain crystals, like citrine, on my altar because of their ability to bring clarity to a situation or decision. Others help you to fly high and can be really powerful!

Trust your intuition when collecting crystals and other natural stones. When you are unclear about a gem, ask a professional, or someone you trust, to tell you more about the piece you were drawn to. Don't overthink it. Enjoy the process of learning and remain open to your guiding light.


Photographs reconnect us with loved ones. Often they cause us to reminisce and reencounter a missed memory that's been tucked away in our hearts. Select a photograph that you can hold in your hands, that shows who you'd like to protect, like your children, family, and pets. Allow your photo to stand its ground. It's valuable even in its most distressed state.

Pull from tarot cards or a goddess deck and allow your energy to feed into the card that emerges. Sometimes we know our attention is required some place particular in our lives, and yet we can't quite put a finger on it. To help you articulate what you'd like to call in, consider purchasing a beautiful deck of spiritual wonders and see just how connected you can become to yourself and your needs.

Open to a page in your favorite ritual book. Let the page be your guide to communicating clearly with your chosen goddess. Place a painting or a drawing on your altar. It can be one of your own creations, even! I painted a portrait of the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, and love to invite her into my sacred space with many candles, or place her picture by the stove to ignite her powers.

There are many beautiful, timeless pictures of paintings of the goddesses in books, made into posters and printed on cards. These may aid in your visualization of a goddess and help you to imagine having a conversation with her. The photographs need not be of the goddesses only. It's up to you! Place any image that you desire, because after all, it is your time with the goddess, so make it meaningful. I even use cards I've received as birthday gifts because they have beautiful images on them, or tear off pieces of packaging if it evokes the emotion I want to enter my sacred space.

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space


Goddesses love flowers in the same way that us women are attracted to them too. Offer a stem from the bundle you pick up at your local grocery store or farmer's market. Bundle a few small daisies or chamomile with twine and place in a small vase or glass of water on your altar. Dried flowers can be wonderful gifts as well.

I like to offer big, full and silky flowers such as peonies, tulips, roses, and hydrangeas, or just a few fragile petals. I particularly love tulip leaves and will press them into my beauty and ritual books as bookmarks and love opening up to pages that I revisit to find them there, ready to greet me. When gathering flowers from outside, choose ones that are plentiful or have fallen to the ground already. Having your own garden means you make your own rules, so welcome the project. Another one I love is honeysuckle, and I'm fortunate to have a large honeysuckle bush in the park near my home.

Flowers can be offered in edible forms as well. I like to offer jasmine or rose steeped in tea or lavender infused in cream, and orange blossom in a pastry. There are certain colors that may be better associated with each goddess. I love to offer them in shades of red, pink, white, and violet. Plants and succulents can be added to your altar as well.

In High Vibrational Beauty, the authors point out a tradition they love and honor called Ikebana, the Japanese art of flowering arrangement. This is the perfect wabi-sabi sort of approach to bringing the outdoors in. There aren't any rules to it. Just get outside and pull together elements to create a bouquet that is beautiful to you. Let your heart lead the way. Keep it simple, and enjoy the potentially rough nature of the experience.

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space


Juicy, luscious fruit like peaches and apricots, berries and cherries, plums and grapes are all welcome for your goddess to feast upon while she listens to your prayers. Anything that makes your mouth water, she will surely devour with gratitude. Offer what's in season and what's available to you. Consider refreshing, organic watery fruits such as watermelon, honeydew and cantaloup, oranges and grapefruits. I would even slice a cool cucumber or offer a ripe banana if that's what I have and want to really set an intention that is savory sweet.

There are many other delicious, luxurious foods you can offer the goddess you are entertaining. See pleasures below.


We inherit interesting things from our relatives and dear ones when they pass. A way to honor the spirit of these souls is to include their treasures in your offering to call in a goddess. I've primarily received jewelry and other unique objects from the women in my family. These items are sometimes valuable and sometimes priceless. Anything that you so cherish dearly can be used as an offering to a goddess.

What we give is what we receive in return. Not every time is it necessary to give the best or most expensive artifact to your goddess. The same goes for jewelry. Sometimes it makes sense, or feels right. And other times, a simple, honest and thoughtful gesture will do the trick. Remember, you don't have to have lots of money or extremely valuable things in order to call in a goddess. Be where you are, who you are, and start from a place of meaning, however that might resonate with you.

As you develop in your spiritual journey, you will begin to acquire special sacred objects that you'll want to place on your altar. By either stumbling upon them while out with a girlfriend, or receiving them as gifts and gestures, you'll soon notice that you have so much to offer, that you're swimming in abundance!

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space

Letters & Lists

Write a letter to your chosen goddess. Address her by name and sign your name in conclusion. Ask her for her guidance, wisdom, or support. Ask for the help you need and be sure to include that you hope and plan to use her gifts in an effort to improve your own life, renew your own energy or heal your chakras so that you may be able to lend a hand to others, improve someone else's day, or act in the betterment of your community and planet.

You don't have to want to save the world in order to receive; however, become clear about why you want what you're requesting. What kind of impact will your request make? Will patience and clarity allow you be a better manifestor, one who stands in her worth and lifts herself up in order to be a light and a guide to others? Will strength and motivation help you through a particular challenge that impacts your social circle or your family?

Understand that what you desire affects someone else in one way or another. My heart goes out to all mothers when I say that asking for things is not wrong, and it doesn't make you bad or selfish. You must fill your cup and put yourself first in order to give to your children and partner and community in a way that unites all of you and everyone feels heard and understood and loved. Sometimes a little boost from a goddess is just the thing that will get you through the day, or the week, with better ease and more kindness.

Make a list of all that you want to call in. The goddesses hear your desires when you say them aloud. Use a whispering voice if that feels comfortable. I'm not always alone in the house when I call in a goddess and so keeping a soft tone allows me to speak my deepest secrets and not be overheard by others. Lists can also be helpful when praying because it helps to keep your prayer organized and to remain specific. I like to honor the times when I have clarity over a topic and want to communicate that to my goddess of choosing.

Other times, it's perfectly appropriate to simply ask for clarity. Sometimes, our circumstances don't make a lot of sense or we don't have the vocabulary to identify exactly what's going on. Through calling in a goddess to help you gain clarity, you will soon find that the answers exist and they arrive in a variety of ways. Sometimes I'll be listening to a podcast and I'll extract a bit of information that reels it all in for me, or I'll have a random conversation with someone and they say something that I'm able to link to my current situation. With clarity, I also ask that my goddess helps me to keep my heart open for the answers and that I may remain flexible with my path.


I love to group food into "pleasures". My belief is that food is conducive to nourishment, joy, and satisfaction and when offering foods to a goddess, offer her the best quality chocolate, honey, milk, seeds and nuts, dates and other dried fruits. I'll even offer cakes and pastries, breads, and butter or nut butters, even ghee and coconut oil. Anything you believe is decadent, you may offer on your altar.

Spices create another avenue of pleasure that may interest your goddess. Think saffron, pink peppercorns (which are actually berries), and fresh sprigs of thyme or rosemary. Himalayan pink salt or celtic sea salt may be offered as well. How I like to approach adding food to my altar is any food that I would like to enjoy can be infused with an intention. Herbs and spices can be used in preparing meals. Sweets and delicacies can be enjoyed for a snack with tea or coffee.

I will even set a prepared cup of coffee on my altar and call in a goddess, offering Turkish coffee or a locally roasted variety - something that feels like a treasure itself. Imagine the sweet, chocolatey, sometimes smokey aroma steaming into the clouds and luring your guest of honor to my altar for a gathering and feast.

Oils & Perfumes

In much the same way that you can charge crystals on your altar, you can also charge perfumes and oils. By charging them, you are infusing them with a positive intention and asking that they provide you with the beneficial properties they are known for.

When offering perfumes to a goddess, choose clean, nontoxic perfumes or oils that smell beautiful to you. Infusing oils with flowers and citrus can be an awakening ritual in itself, but using what you have with the right intention will do wonders in calling in the goddess of your choosing.

Fabric & Lingerie

Textures like silk, lace, and linen are wonderful ways to honor the divine feminine, which is what we're really doing when calling in a goddess. I have a beautiful floral print shall that was gifted to me by my mother-in-law and it always reminds me of when I lived in Turkey when I wear it or place as an offering on my altar. It's lovely and soft in texture and provides the warmth and sophistication that I believe a goddess deserves.

Place on your altar any type of lingerie that makes you feel sexy and vibrant. A gorgeous silk slip on a beautiful wooden hanger, something from your intimates drawer, or anything that gets you in touch with your physical body and your appetite for physical pleasure are great offerings for your altar.

By way of clothing, hats and shalls or neck-tie scarves may be used. Animal skins like leather, even fur, and faux animal textures that enhance your prayers may be used.

Bowls & Vessels

Add ceramic, wooden, glass, marble, and other natural materials to your altar in the form of bowls, big or small. Bowls are great for grouping things together like crystals of a similar kind or color, beads or other granular objects like salt or clay, coins for abundance, rings and pearls, seashells, and small pieces of fabric twisted into a loose ball or draped over the edge.

Vessels can be in the forms of vases and carafes, planters and baking dishes like ramekins and coquettes. I love the idea of using a metal hammered, or carved, hamam dish used for pouring water like a pitcher. Even mugs or tall, thin water glasses make for unexpected vases.

I purchased a beautiful, glazed jar & lid at a craft show one summer. The lid has a raw clear quartz positioned as a knob. I love this container and often use it as an offering to the goddesses since it's both an earth-derived-handmade object and it's charged with a very powerful crystal!


All things that come from the earth are things that remind us of where we come from. They connect us to our cores and to the core of the earth. I love to pick up ceramic dishes and mugs whenever I travel because they are literally made of mud and come from the earth and I know that someone made these things with their hands, with their hearts.

I encountered an older gentleman who puts up a yard sale every year, and purchased some photography props from him, including some pieces of broken ceramic tile from a beach off the coast of Italy. Among the finds, I purchased a couple candlestick holders, a small ceramic mug and a ladle with a bone handle. I will always remember our interaction and his vibrant stories. Our conversation made an impression on me and therefore added meaning and value to the treasures I found that day.

Seashells, feathers, sticks and branches, sand from a special coastal place, sand dollars, pebbles, pinecones and acorns are just a handful of the many things we enjoy and find in nature. Adding a flare from nature is a beautiful way in acknowledging our connection to the natural world and also welcomes the goddess back down to Earth by way of the earth's elements. Nature's gifts are aplenty and humble us in our humanity.

Music & Mantras

Playing music that urges you to dance is a playful way to call in a goddess. By honoring your body through healthy exercise, you are creating a wave of vibration between you and your maiden. Mantras and chanting is another way to beckon your goddess. These forms of vibration really help to center you and can open your heart to receive.

Creating music of your own can be another way of showing up for your goddess. Serenade her with sounds that invite calm, peace, or sensuality. There are so many different types of music, so play what feels good to you. I personally find music to be quite emotional and cathartic at times, so I listen to sounds of nature or soft, art music during my rituals. Purely instrumental music can create just the right kind of ambience to lure in your goddess.

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space

How To Invite A Goddess Into Your Sacred Space

Your imagination can be an incredible gift when developing a spiritual practice. It is the link between you and what you believe. As a child, I was raised in the Christian faith. It was through my imagination and creativity that I was able to communicate with God and sense that my prayers were received.

Now that I'm an adult, I have refined my spiritual practice to align with what's most authentic to me and my honorary system. I feel that I can connect with several different goddesses acknowledging how human they are in some ways, yet how omnipresent and majestic. No matter how out of reach a goddess may seem, I can always connect with her through the divine feminine and in the shared space of womanhood throughout history.

There is a place for me on this sentiment and there is a place for you. We wouldn't be on this planet in this physical form if our creation wasn't intentional, a co-creation by the universe, by light and love, and by starlight.

When staging your altar to invite a goddess into your sacred space, know that design experience is not required to make an impression. Simply showing up with your whole self, with intention, and a breath in between, is enough to get you in contact with this divine energy. You don't need any special tools or objects or talents to show up for your life.

You may find called to accumulate sacred objects in order to make an offering. Be patient with this process and never feel the need to spend a lot of money on items to have on hand. Some of the most meaningful and beautiful things that I offer are free. I offer objects I've had for years and recycle their potency as it aligns in my life right now.

Place your intentional offerings on your altar. Have fun with the arrangements. Sometimes I put only a few items on my altar and I keep my prayer simple and sweet. Express your gratitude for the abundance currently in your life. If you are familiar with this goddess's energy and have noticed it appear in your life recently, mention it now. Always address a goddess by name. Our names are the sweetest sounds to our bodies, as we know by now, so keep this in mind when praying.

I like to point out each offering by saying something like, "Please accept this rose quartz as my offering to you, and may it help to open my heart to receive the love that I am calling in." Hold your hands in prayer position if that feels natural to you. Sit, stand, kneel, or lie down if that feels most comfortable. For the first part of my prayer, I will sit with a straight yet relaxed spine in easy pose; then, after I've given thanks and made my request, I will sometimes lie down with my heart open to the sky and my back flush with the earth for an extended meditation.

After all this effort, it may be worth it to you to take some time to meditate in the beautiful, tranquil space that you've created. Allow your goddess to linger as your guest and begin working to fulfill your desires. Be patient and breathe deeply for several minutes. Get up from your sitting position carefully. Be sure to gently stretch through the backs of your knees. If lying down, either rock up to a standing position or gently roll over on your side to lift yourself off the floor.

Be sure to blow out any candles before leaving your altar. Incense may be left to continue burning in their heat proof dish, or stubbed out.

Any food put on your altar may remain if it has a decent shelf life. All perishable items should be properly stored or consumed accordingly.

Practice patience when on the receiving end of your goddess ritual and continue working hard to make your goals and dreams come true. You have the power within you to create any kind of reality and it's a wonderful gift to be able to call upon a goddess that resembles your needs and desires. As women, we are connected to and a physical embodiment of the divine, so be grateful for this vast interwoven energy field we are part of. You are not alone, and you don't have to do it all by yourself.

Asking for help is admirable and humbling and we all need a little light and a little grace from time to time. Don't be shy and don't be forceful. Show up with curiosity and candor, allowing your interaction to unfold as it may. Enjoy this process and enjoy inviting a goddess into your sacred space.

03 · 18 · 2020