yours truly

Hello, I'm Kayla, an herbalism student and intuitive-living advocate. I'm here to encourage you to trust in your winding, flowing feminine intuition. Let me help you reconnect with your sovereignty, your creativity, and your vitality // you have the potential to heal yourself and others & Mother Earth has your back.

Welcome to sipping sun, a guide-prescribed herbal apothecary & storytelling studio for the earthbound, intuitive healer.

sipping sun is a lifestyle that celebrates many healing modalities and the examination of several 'truth' philosophies. The principles of sipping sun are derived from some of the most ancient forms of medicine, spirituality, and storytelling.

Forget what you know.

As a student of herbalism, I am pleased to share with you my personal discoveries, revelations, and experiments with plants and herbs as medicine.

Behind the scenes, I am getting to know the natural world around me. I consider myself to be a lifelong student, and so I approach a subject like herbalism with the non-judgmental enthusiasm required of any new practice. My eyes are wide open and I'm learning to see with all of my senses.

Consequentially, I hope that I can inspire you to approach your healing journey with playfulness and curiosity too. Forget what you know and be ready to attribute your wellness to the earth's abundance.

What to expect.

At sipping sun, you can expect to be immersed in a slow-paced lifestyle that is rooted in the natural rhythm of the seasons. I will take you on an exploration through my kitchen, out in the garden, and across trails and fields as we connect with nature and extract its wisdom.

Start to ask yourself 'why', 'how', and 'what if'. Think beyond the rules and expectations. Stretch your imagination's capacity to hold space for more.

sipping sun is a conscious container for how I live my most authentic life. I choose to bridge every aspect of my existence with the dedicated effort to be present in the decisions I make, the products I buy, the relationships I nourish, and the content I consume.

You can expect the same filtering process on the blog. What I share with you here, is a direct expression of my values and my advocacy for change in the direction that serves each of us.

A celebration of cultures.

My favorite part about herbalism is that it's impossible to acknowledge an herb without honoring its roots. This includes where it comes from, which traditions it's witnessed over the centuries, and its physical characteristics in relation to which organs it serves in the body.

Through this lens, the connection between people and plants is obvious. Thus, our relationship with nature, and each other, is vital. Your contribution to the human experience influences my understanding of the world. It's a significant component to the entire landscape of our society. The more I learn about the diversity of cultures on the planet, the more I find similarities in the cross examination.

Our human experience is so expansive and beautiful because we are each a result of the Universe's creative expression. Just like the gardens and communities we cultivate, our physical beings are made with pure, unconditional love.

Thank you for being here.

I could not share my story without having a listener like you. And in turn, I owe you my deepest respect and most heartfelt gratitude. You allow me the space to be heard, and your generosity is a priceless gift.

As much as I love to share and to tell stories, it's you I want to hear from. sipping sun is as much your home as it is mine. Without your unique experience and insight, my words and recommendations disappear into the ether. Your participation is welcome, if not highly recommended.

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to support you on your healing journey and beyond. What if we can achieve so much more together? Stay in touch, because this is where it starts to get really good.

What it's all about.

It's about our Grandfather Sun in the arms of our protective Father Sky. Come nightfall, we seek our Grandmother Moon at the heart of the Star Sisterhood. We find comfort in our Mother's life-giving soil that is in direct communication with the intelligence of the Universe.

Everything matters. Everyone matters. There are no scraps or accidents, just pure perfection. There is a place and a purpose for every element, for every intentional being.

Honor this primary ecosystem, and the distortion of masculine and feminine energies will not enter our planetary field. Each human is gifted with both masculine and feminine energy. As we develop trust with our higher selves, we learn to operate in complete balance of these two centers. Neither should take center stage, or else all else becomes dysfunctional.

Over time, we've been taught to ignore our intuition and therefore managed to fall completely out of alignment. Just as we are responsible for the current chaotic state of our planet, we are responsible for rectifying it.


editor & intuitive-living advocate

How we get there.

On an individual level, each of us must constantly be aware of our emotions, reactions, and thoughts on a daily, moment-to-moment basis.

When you take responsibility for your life, you maintain your unique equilibrium. This is how you become the source for change. Make a practice out of getting to know yourself, and notice how you start to understand the people around you. Notice just how relatable we all are.

From this place, you are empathetic, compassionate, forgiving, graceful, and humble. You are positively magnetic. The highest vibrational people, circumstances, opportunities, and experiences meet you at this level.

I am not there yet. Although, every day I honor the agreement with myself by showing up fully and being open to the process. As you know already, I'm a student for life // I'm in this for its entirety.

I recognize that it's my responsibility to heal the imbalances that leave me feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, angry, hateful, stubborn, controlling, frustrated, unforgiving· · · And I recognize that this goal is one that I will achieve with perseverance, persistence, and reflection in quietude.

So, let's give it a go. Let's make some space, take up space, demand space, and give space. You deserve it, and I'm going to be there when you finally treat yourself like gold.