yours truly

Hey there, Quarter-lifer! I'm Kayla, the editor here at sipping sun. This is Moonee, blogging buddy, busy-body, and confidant. We're dedicated to living in alignment with our highest selves and teaching you how sipping sun is your guide to the golden ritual.

As the editor of sipping sun, I'm passionate about teaching sipping sun's philosophy to you through the content, products, and resources on this blog. It is my promise to deliver thoughtful, thorough, and actionable inspiration that supports you where you are on your journey to self-discovery.

I'm a quarter-lifer, just like you. For my entire adult life, I've sought to be independent, obtain financial success, and build healthy relationships along the way. Most prominently, I've tried proving to others that I can be self-reliant in all areas of my life.

Over the last decade, I completely missed out on the grace period I should have allowed myself. From weening off the support of my family to having it all figured out, I didn't factor in the self-compassion and time it takes to get it right.

Some things I may never get quite right.

And that's okay. What I want to iterate to you, is that kindness and progress win over all else in this phase of adulthood.

I don't promise to have it all figured out. But, I do promise to continue showing up for my life with the courage and determination that will help me learn along the way. This is the attitude that I hope you will adopt by spending time with me at sipping sun.

Adulthood has been full of every human experience so far. From achievements to heartbreak, from uncertainty to revelations. Navigating your 20's is the most challenging life phase because you are literally living through everything for the first time. You are getting to know yourself for the first time.

And it gets so much better.

I know intimately what it's like to carry shame and guilt, or regret and criticism about everything I've done, or haven't done since the beginning of time.

Many times, I've felt like I just want to completely start from scratch. This mentality may be common among quarter-lifers. But, it doesn't set us up for the true contentment we can cultivate and treasure throughout our long lives.

sipping sun is your guide to the golden ritual. Every day consists of rituals that ground and center you, elevate you, and bring meaning to your human experience. In turn, every ritual builds onto one another to create the golden ritual that is your life.