ABOUT sipping sun, an herbal apothecary & storytelling studio for the earthbound, intuitive healer.

sipping sun is a lifestyle. It honors the rhythm of the seasons and the cycles of the moon. The foundational elements of sipping sun are an integration of ancient healing modalities and personal truth philosophies. These elements influence how we harvest & produce medicine; how we connect with our planet and our highest selves; how we create culture through the art of storytelling.

My name is Meryn. I'm the editor at sipping sun and your personal intuitive-living advocate. I teach women how to engage more intuitively with their bodies and their lives. Developing your intuition is like learning the language of your body. This language communicates either the balance or dysfunction of masculine and feminine energies.

As we become more fluent, we speak more truthfully, listening with our whole beings as we learn to read our bodies with complete awareness.

❝I believe in a woman's innate wisdom to heal herself. When she lives spherically, she heals in every direction.❞

herbal apothecary

sipping sun's herbal apothecary explores herbs and spices as everyday nourishment, remedies, and as nature's healing response for the body, mind, and spirit. Allow me to lead you on a sensory journey through the kitchen, where the spice cabinet becomes an apothecary, and the herbs become medicine. May your intuition guide you along your healing journey, taking you exactly where you need to go.


Nourish your body through grounding rituals in the kitchen and beyond. Become one with the instruments you use to concoct beautiful, organic preparations. Be the knife that destroys and the intuitive chef who rebuilds the earth's fragments into a nourishing masterpiece of vitality, strength, and love.

You are capable of cooking intuitively and I know a few secrets that will help you arrive at the beginning. From choosing local, seasonal produce at the Farmers' Market, to knowing just how to throw it all together, food is the most natural initiation to healing yourself. Exploring food as medicine is like focusing on one important task and satiating so much more.


When your daily nourishment is confronted with pollutants, toxins, and other offensive matter, an herbal approach may help to remedy your body's state of distress. Herbal remedies have been my first response to treating physical pain and hormonal imbalances. They are instrumental in my healing journey and continue to provide the immediate relief and sustained healing that my body needs.

One of the primary reasons I wanted to learn more about herbalism was to respond naturally to the chronic symptoms that I experience.

I will teach you how to respond to your body in this way too. Habitual usage of herbs helps to tone the body for the assimilation of meals and the inherent qualities of each herb. By creating a ritual with herbs on a regular basis, you will begin to reach for the herbs that serve you best in any given situation.

ḤẸẠḶ (in every direction)

To live spherically is to live life fully, with all of your senses. This practice grounds you in the present and gives you the greatest perspective of your life. All parts are working together in this integrated way, and operate as mirrors for each other. For example, when you get sick, it can be a reflection of conflict in another area of your life. Maybe there's something that is out of alignment with your highest self, and this presents as an immune response, inflammation, or any other instance in which your body is trying to get your attention.

But as you learn to live more intuitively, you redirect your energy to be in alignment with your soul's purpose. This alignment puts you in direct communication with the Universe. The Universe is your source of wisdom, an extensive library of answers, as you navigate your human experience. Maintain your equilibrium by living authentically, intuitively, and spherically.

Think beyond your physical body. When you believe it in your bones that everything matters, that's when you can start to heal in every direction.

Heal every corner of your existence. Clear out every cobweb and dust particle from your subconscious & conscious minds. The floors and baseboards of your mind matter just as much as the foundation of the house you live in. Be the gatekeeper of your life and you will heal from the inside out, and everywhere beyond.

storytelling studio

The art of storytelling comes alive on The Blog! Le STUDIO is scheduled to launch in 2021. Be sure to SUN·SCRIBE to sipping sun's SUPER-SECRET Full M⦿⦿n newsletter to be the first to know when our virtual doors open!


The blog is where you'll find recipes, guides, and all informational & inspirational content. This is where I share my personal experiences with herbs and the natural world. You'll get a sneak peek into how I live intuitively through daily rituals, and what it looks like to live spherically, in all directions.


Le STUDIO sipping sun supports hands·made artwork ⦿f women, f⦿r women. While we're still setting up, pop your head inside the studio and take a quick look around!

intuitive healer

An intuitive healer is a woman who trusts her instincts beyond logical reasoning. She listens to her inner guide with the respect and reverence of a wise mentor. Because she is fluent in the language of her body, she is able to heal herself intuitively, with a humble "knowing". It's in this grace and humility that she offers her gifts for the betterment of her community.


Ayurveda honors the concept of direction, called dig, for healing purposes. Combined with the four directions (east, west, north, south) are the five elements (fire, earth, air, water, ether). Together, the directions and elements correlate to one's wellness in a way that is often overlooked in allopathic care.

sipping sun explores the optimization of the four directions and the elements in a way that is entirely intuitive, yet examines their meaning across native tribes and cultures worldwide. It's impossible to acknowledge an herb without stumbling upon its roots. And so it's with great delicacy that I interpret cultural traditions, herbs, and ancient healing modalities with deep respect for the peoples and their sacred rituals.


The grounding nature of a ritual is what holds sipping sun together. It began as your guide to the golden ritual. The golden ritual is the essence and flow of your life. It's what anchors you in a way that aligns you with your highest self. For me, ritual is everything. It's an entirely different approach to routine than you may be used to. Turn any routine into ritual, with these 7 gems of wisdom.

ABOUT sipping sun

sipping sun is an alignment of the opposing forces that govern each of us. The vessel represents the human body that is hands·crafted, intentionally from love. The aura and radiating light reflect an individual's truth & reality through their personal expression.

The embodiment of masculine & feminine energies lie in the receptive nature of the feminine container and the mobility of the masculine fire.

Inside the vessel is the tonic of your life. With the handful of ingredients you're given at birth, your responsibility is to concoct a recipe that aligns with your soul's appetite. Play with each ingredient, allowing your intuition to guide you, until you've reached a taste that is satisfying. The more you honor your personal preferences, the closer you'll come to honoring your authentic life path.

sipping sun is about learning to love what you've been gifted, without judgement. Every element has the potential to deliver vibrancy, character, and brilliance.

So, how are you going to let yourself shine?

ABOUT sipping sun editor & intuitive-living advocate, Meryn Yaldiz

editor & intuitive·living advocate

Treat Yourself Like Gold

On an individual level, each of us must constantly be aware of our emotions, reactions, and thoughts on a daily, moment-to-moment basis. In my opinion, devoting this depth of care is what it feels like to treat myself life gold.

Treat yourself like you are the most important living thing on this planet. You are precious and valuable, so honor your vessel with the kindness and delicacy you would a speckle of gold.

sipping sun is a lifestyle that honors every aspect of who you are. Everything matters. The dark and the light make you dimensional and complex. Never lose sight of your shadow. This hidden aspect is what creates contrast and deserves to be integrated.

Your light is what you project in order to conceal what's been buried for so long. You are equally the blackness and the whiteness of your being. Integrate these polarities so that you can give way to the nuance of your existence. Make it possible to slip through the cracks, defining your own boundaries and limits.

So, let's give it a go. Let's make some space, take up space, demand space, and give space. You deserve it, and I'm going to be there when you finally treat yourself like gold.