Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, California Chardonnay, 2016

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, California Chardonnay, 2016

The Back Label: “…showcases flavors of ripe pear and apple, complemented by notes of vanilla and a touch of oak.”

sipping sun Having Sipped: When I first tasted Woodbridge Chardonnay, it was the week of Thanksgiving, and I nearly fell out of my chair in love. Already, I had my digs on Robert Mondavi Winery (as you may remember from this post), and so I wasn’t entirely surprised to find that, once again, I would love another.

This dreamy, smooth, lightly fruity oak-aged white wine paired beautifully with turkey leftovers, great company, and a couple rounds of Mexican Train. I enjoyed a glass most recently with a brain-food, veggie pizza.

Anticipate a full-bodied wine bursting with flavor, an almost nutty flavor (a spectacular consequence of the oak), and a powerful lingering finish that will cajole you into pouring just one more glass… I beg of you to savor this juicy mash of vine berries // for the both of us.

Specs From the Label:
Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $6-8

This wine might easily become a staple in your house. What are your thoughts after the first sip? Is it as lovely as I’ve described above? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for sipping along!

December 19, 2017