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sipping sun & the golden ritual – sipping sun

sipping sun

sipping sun is the foundation for a life lived well, with intention, and with a breath in-between. It’s about owning responsibility for your life and acknowledging that you are the curator of your uniquely attuned existence, in which you recognize that the key to your own personal contentment and satisfaction is you. In the event that you build and nurture your skills in willpower, self-love, and gratitude, your muddied canvas will begin to peel away, revealing the beautiful imagery and metaphors of your life, like you’ve never imagined.

Imagine your life as a cup. Inside that cup is all the fragrant elements that make up your world. On the outside of your cup are additional ingredients that you may choose to add into the mix or you may choose to ignore. With some trial an error, and perhaps starting from scratch a few times, you will begin to develop a recipe that is delicious, friendly, viable, and just the right combination of flavors that bring to life all the goodness that is inside of you. This mixture is then what radiates from the cup and glows as you live the life that you shape for yourself.

This life is given to each of us once, and while the common phrase suggests that we “make the most of it,” the message from sipping sun dives much deeper into the why’s and how’s of living an unparalleled life by traditional standards. You are entitled to question every bit of information that you receive regarding your life and thus threading together the golden pieces that enable you to make well-informed decisions and plausible conclusions based on facts and formal discussion.

If you are passionate about mastering your mind, exercising essentialism, and radiating confidence because you are willing to get to know yourself and learn to love what you discover, then sipping sun is the lifestyle blog for you. sipping sun is not about the 9 to 5, how you describe the food you eat, or to whom you’re comparing yourself lately. It’s about loving who you are, celebrating your strengths, improving your weaknesses, facing your fears, and extending love and kindness to others as a result of embracing your new-found friendship with self.

the golden ritual

the golden ritual is a uniquely tailored daily routine that is highly customizable based on your personality, lifestyle, values, and interests. This ritual is one that can be cultivated by listening to your physical body as well as your spiritual body. The desires that you feel, the cravings that you possess, and the goals that you establish may all play a role in how you choreograph your everyday moments of self-induced fulfillment.

While the golden ritual begins with establishing a daily routine that brings you joy, it is also about our lives being rituals, and sharing our own dances with our families, friends, and our communities. It’s about creating traditions with those we love, and it’s about recognizing the influence we have on others and the impact our actions and reactions have on our immediate selves, but also others around us. It’s about finding the awareness in ourselves that reminds us to be mindful and considerate.

Each of our rituals may come in the form of an attitude adjustment. The way we view the things we have to do every day can change the way we view our entire lives; so when we take the reigns and schedule our days around rest, entertainment, and joy, we see just how much of a gift it is to wake up each day, to tend to our chores, our roles, and our responsibilities. Because in the midst of all the have-to’s, there is a serious, written-in-ink, scheduled priority that is essential to our well-being, our sanity, and our ability to respond to how are you’s with “I’m doing well,” and mean it fully. How? By creating the time to care for ourselves in a way that only we can.

your guide

As an introvert and someone who deeply ponders the working and non-working components of life, it is my goal to discuss and acknowledge the challenges that come with getting to know one’s self, the difficulties of change whether when we ask for it or not, and shining light on the effect that our lives take on when we start to take the lead; but more importantly I wish to enlighten you to live the life you most love and treasure. To do just that, I will be sharing with you stories of my own life and offering direct guidance related to our life-long journey of creating and living the golden life. Comments and questions are always welcome (and guide-prescribed).

Bring along your favorite brew and join me while I sip my hot cup of jasmine tea and dispense some golden know-how on letting go & letting us shine. Welcome to sipping sun. I’m Kayla and I’ll be your guide.