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Seasonal Wardrobe Storage Box & a Love Letter – sipping sun Seasonal Wardrobe Storage Box & a Love Letter – sipping sun

The capsule wardrobe is a huge phenomenon spread across nearly every lifestyle blog today. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but wonder if I fit into the category because of the efforts I make to buy quality versus quantity or if it’s just because I don’t have very many clothes. Regardless, one theme stands true: I don’t wear bulky items in the summer months and the winter months don’t have me wearing light-wash denim and vibrant florals.

There is definitely some variation in my closet and certain patterns and colors bring me the most joy in their respective seasons. Today’s post is all about storing summer/spring items to prepare winter wears for the season ahead. The part I haven’t told you yet?

Keep reading through the end of the post to find our just how I plan to keep things special, season to season, with myself in mind.

Seasonal Wardrobe Storage Box

If you’re anything like me, then you can fit all of your spring and summer clothing inside a small suitcase or large hat box. I don’t have much, although I’m always on the hunt for just the right pieces to add to my seasonal collection. If you have a well-rounded set of garments, then likely you will have one big box or many mid-size boxes. Either way, you can make the effort to keep things lovely and take special care to store your quality items until spring comes along.

Create an experience out of your box

There are many methods to storing summer dresses and accessories, but when it comes down to the experience, why not choose to create a moment of joy when unpacking your seasonal items come next year? I say, buy a couple of hats and use their boxes to store clothing. Surely, just buying a decorative box can make all the difference.

Find a box with a summery floral pattern, or stripes, and love knowing you have great things to wear in a really beautiful box on your closet shelf. I know for me, there isn’t a whole lot of space in my one-bedroom apartment for a bunch of suitcases; but boxes stack rather nicely and they come in so many different colors, textures, and patterns that I wouldn’t dare choose anything less than lovely.

Launder everything before storing

Did you happen to pull out a fall sweater this year to find that there is a set-in stain in plain sight? Especially when we’re buying quality items, it’s extremely important to ensure we remove any stains or repair any blemishes in our clothing, right away preferably, but especially before storing them. Pre-storage is the best time to give every item a once-over and mend any holes or rips, replace buttons, send anything to the tailor, etc. (This is also a great time to purge any items no longer serving you for this season. Make a note of the items you would like to replace and keep your eyes open for the summer/spring SALEs happening everywhere at this time of year. More on shopping later.)

Once you open your box come the next great weather shift, you’ll be able to rest with ease knowing everything has been tended to and you can go right ahead and wear your favorite dress or warm-weather outfit.

Fold and pack everything with care

I always iron or steam my clothing when I pull them out each season. Then any wrinkles or funny lines from folding and packing get removed and I have a crisp shirt or dress ready to wear. Since ironing your clothes before storing them won’t prevent all wrinkles, it’s still a great idea to pretend as though you will be wearing them in the coming days.

Having a box full of wrinkled garments can make unpacking less appealing; instead, having clothing that is clean and in need of just a quick steam, or minimal attention, will be simply ideal. Take special care when folding button-ups (fold in a way that minimizes creasing), wrapping belts, and storing accessories. Be mindful of materials and consider wrapping delicates in tissue paper or another soft material.

Store with scents

I love the scents of lavender and cedar wood. In my closet, currently, there are several lavender sachets, some among the shelves and others hanging in between garments. When storing my seasonal wardrobe, I usually toss in a lavender sachet to keep the items smelling fresh and to ward off curious critters.

Cedar is wonderful for this too. The essential oil in cedar staves off moths and beetles, plus it smells incredible, in its relaxing aroma. If buying a cedar wood dresser or cabinet isn’t in your budget, opt for chips in any variety of shapes and size. Just ensure that the cedar doesn’t come into direct contact with your garments, due to the possibility of a stain occurring.

Store garments safely

Placing storage containers in the garage, attic, or basement can be grounds for unpleasant surprises when it comes to unpacking your seasonal wear. Find a cool, dark, dry area of your home that is clean. You may even have to clean the space you choose, whether it’s a closet in your bedroom, under the stairs, or another location out of direct sunlight.

Line drawers, sand and paint shelves (with plenty of drying time of course), and utilize tissue paper to reduce the amount of creases or to protect graphics and embellishments. If stacking is necessary, always place largest/heaviest garments (or boxes) on bottom, with lightweight pieces on top.

Like receiving a care package in the mail, a wonderful act of self-care is to write yourself a love letter. I know, at first it doesn’t seem like such a thing you might think to do when you set out to box up the your swimsuit and sandals, but if you consider writing a note or jotting down a favorite quote to read when you open your box in the spring time, you will be pleasantly surprised upon “receiving” your seasonal wardrobe box and just delighted that you put in the effort it takes to be thoughtful.

Treat yourself like you would a dear friend, and write a small affirmation or positive reminder. In an of itself this is love. It doesn’t have to be a complicated note or filled to the brim with wit – just pulling out a stanza from your favorite poem can be enough to put you in a good mood. Perhaps the words remind you of spring or make change easier.

However you decide to do this next step should be personally yours. If you wish to share, I would love to hear what kind of letter you choose to write yourself, no specifics necessary. Or, if you’d like, come back to this post and let me know how the letter made you feel when you read it the following season. Did you happen to seal your love letter in an envelope, or did you choose to leave it folded like a quick hand-written note?

Enjoy the process of the fall swap. Taking care of your clothing in just a few quick steps spreads the benefits for miles and years to come. The benefits of taking care of yourself at every chance, will span a lifetime that exudes confidence and self-worth. So go ahead, be the love of your life. Write yourself that heavenly letter you think someone else should be writing. Tap into your alter ego, perhaps; but all the same, enjoy.