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The Perfect Boiled Egg – sipping sun The Perfect Boiled Egg – sipping sun

There is something so simple about the egg, yet we royally screw it up more often then either of us would like to admit. Well, perhaps it’s just a matter of sharing the secrets, eh? I love eggs in the morning. They are quite the center of attention at breakfast in our house. What about yours?

Today, I’m finally going to give you the secret that I’ve been withholding from you for some time now. It’s embarrassing, I know. But you would carry on your smug smile at the table too, had you figured it out. Okay, enough taunting you. Onto the recipe now. If you’re especially receptacle, I’ll share another secret with you next time.

to your eggs’ health!…

The Perfect Boiled Egg

The Perfect Boiled Egg

serves: 1


to Boil
2 cage-free, organic eggs

celtic grey sea salt, to taste
fresh cracked black pepper, to taste



to Boil
1. Remove 2 eggs from the refrigerator and place in 2-4Qt. sauce pan. Fill sauce pan with water, enough to cover the eggs fully. Place sauce pan on the stove, cover with lid, and turn the heat on HIGH.

2. As soon as the water reaches a rapid boil, remove the lid and adjust the heat to MEDIUM to reduce rapidity of boil. Set timer for 4 minutes.

3. When the timer goes off, remove pan from heat and immediately run cold water over the eggs in the sink to stop the cooking process*. The eggs should be cooled, but not completely cold.

4. Dry the eggs gently with a clean kitchen towel.

5. To remove the shells, either tap them lightly on the counter on each side (including top & bottom) until lightly cracked all over, or roll eggs gently around the inside of your empty pan until you reach the same result.

6. Carefully peel shells to reveal perfectly soft-boiled eggs.

7. Slice each egg in half and top with your favorite garnish. Enjoy with the rest of your breakfast.


Recipe Notes:

Egg note: Normally, setting an egg out on the counter until it reaches room temperature is ideal before placing it into an already boiling pot of water (this prevents it from cracking in the pot). By adding the cold egg to the pan, then covering it with water before placing it over the hear, the egg actually has plenty of time to become acclimated to its warm climate. It’s certainly less shocking for all of us.

Boiling times: 4 minutes gives me the ideal cooked egg, where the white is cooked and the yellow is rather plush, although not runny. Just enough to stay in tact when halved.

Rinsing note: Instead of running cold water over the eggs (which may be considered a waste of resources), simply placing a bowl of ice and cold water in the sink will suffice. With a slotted spoon, remove the eggs at the sound of the timer, and set them into the bowl until they have cooled properly (enough to keep them from falling apart when peeled, and cool enough to touch without burning your fingers).

January 17, 2018
February 7, 2018