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New Home Grocery List & Meal Plan – sipping sun New Home Grocery List & Meal Plan – sipping sun

Moving comes with a truck load of responsibilities (pun intended). From boxing up all your personal belongings, changing your address with the post office, and taking the car in for a tune-up, it’s easy to forget some of the most important things that cater to the livelihood of your home, like the food you keep in it!

Before a move, we usually try to use up any spreads like yogurt and jam, and other refrigerated items like milk and cheese, but when we reach our new home, we have nothing except dried noodles and a box of crackers if we don’t equip ourselves with a meal plan and a grocery list. To prevent unneeded stress and overwhelm on your next move, consider what meals you enjoy that are simple, yet rich in flavor and provide the sustenance needed to unpack all those boxes! Or, copy our summer-moving list below for starters:

New Home Grocery List


  1. basmati rice + bulgur
  2. fettuccine noodles
  3. olive oil (everyday cooking + peppery for dipping)
  4. grey Celtic sea salt & organic black pepper corns (inside grinders)
  5. tomato paste
  6. coconut oil
  7. ghee (homemade or store-bought)
  8. spelt flour + einkorn flour
  9. whole wheat flour + white flour
  10. oats (old-fashioned + steel cut)
  11. apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s)
  12. raw honey + maple syrup
  13. brown sugar + raw cane sugar
  14. baking soda + baking powder
  15. x2 bars dark chocolate (70%-85% for baking)
  16. ½ loaf ciabatta bread (from bakery)
  17. x6 mini brioche buns
  18. x4 golden Yukon potatoes
  19. x2-4 favorite organic boxed teas
  20. 8 oz. whole bean coffee
  21. 8 oz. apple sauce
  22. 1c crushed walnuts
  23. 1/4c pine nuts
  24. 1c golden raisins
  25. x1 bag lentil chips
  26. x1 hazelnut cocoa spread (Endangered Species)
  27. x2 boxes cookies (one for tea/one for milk)
  28. x6 dark chocolate truffles
  29. x2 bottles of wine (one white/one red or rosé)

Dried/Ground Herbs & Spices

  1. spearmint
  2. cinnamon
  3. thyme
  4. red pepper flakes
  5. turmeric
  6. cumin
  7. cayenne pepper
  8. ginger

Fresh Herbs & Spices & Fruits

  1. rosemary
  2. lemon thyme
  3. living basil
  4. terragon
  5. parsley
  6. x5 lemons
  7. x3 medium white onions
  8. x1 large red onion
  9. x3 garlic bulbs
  10. x1 bunch bananas
  11. x2 peaches (white or yellow)
  12. x1 orange


  1. x1 organic milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  2. 1000g whole fat yogurt (Fage Total)
  3. 4 oz. crème fraiche
  4. whipped butter
  5. ½ pint heavy whipping cream
  6. mayonnaise + Dijon mustard with seeds (Edmond Fallot)
  7. 1-2 dozen organic cage-free eggs
  8. grass-fed butter (Kerrygold salted + unsalted)
  9. traditional-style hummus with sesame seed topping
  10. 1 lb. grass-fed ground beef (ground twice)
  11. x6 lamb deli slices (roast beef, turkey, or chicken)
  12. thick-cut bacon
  13. x2 chicken breasts
  14. red wax gouda + parmesan cheese
  15. ¼ lb. french beans
  16. x5 medium carrots
  17. x1 box chopped brown mushrooms
  18. x1 small bunch hearts of romaine
  19. x1 small bunch radishes
  20. x1 box arugula
  21. x2 large coconut waters


  1. wild-caught salmon (to serve 4)
  2. x1 pizza (365 brand or Pizza Romana)
  3. x1 pint organic ice cream (Snoqualmie)

Our family size is two. For larger families, some of the quantities can be double, or even halved depending on how many people you are serving. These groceries are common groceries that we buy to prepare foods over the course of seven days, but many of the ingredients on this list are long lasting (like rice, noodles, and ghee) and carry over into other weeks for new meals on the meal plan, especially sugar.

Something we always look forward to, when moving to a new place, is discovering what foods are available to us in the local grocery stores. Sometimes not having a list and spending time swooping through the fresh-picked produce at the farmer’s market is just what we need in order to get excited about our new community and the current season in a new town. This is also a great opportunity to learn how to make something new and get to know the hands that grow and harvest our food.

For us, we are learning quickly what foods we enjoy and which we enjoy preparing ourselves. Little by little, we are expanding our culinary repertoire and vocabulary, so our grocery list reflects many of the basic ingredients we use in everyday cooking.

Briefly: we strive to buy and consume organic produce, proteins, and beverages whenever possible. We also buy full-fat everything whenever possible. We believe in cooking simple meals, but also taking a chance at something that challenges our skills in the kitchen, preparing meals once and eating them twice. Here is a meal plan based on our late summer move and the grocery list above (note: the days on this list can be switched around depending on when you actually move in):

& Meal Plan

breakfast · lunch · dinner · dessert


Monday  mushroom + cheese + parsley 2-egg omelet + coconut water · brioche bun + mayo + lamb + arugula + chips/hummus · grilled chicken breast + heavy cream/parmesan Alfredo + basil + crushed red pepper · tea & cookie

Tuesday chocolate chip pancakes + bacon + whipped butter + maple syrup + darjeeling tea · brioche bun + mayo + lamb + arugula + chips/hummus · thyme + garlic + butter + pan-roasted salmon + steamed french beans + pan-roasted golden potatoes + chardonnay · peaches

Wednesdaygouda + soft scrambled egg + toasted ciabatta + coconut water · brioche bun + mayo + lamb + arugula + chips/hummus · eat dinner out

Thursday  for two different appetites: morning glory muffins /oatmeal + cream + brown sugar + maple syrup + coconut water · ezogelin Turkish soup · Turkish meatballs (köfte) with gouda inside + romaine/carrot/radish/arugula salad with s&p · red wine + chocolate truffle

Friday | chocolate chip pancakes + bacon + whipped butter + maple syrup + darjeeling tea · brioche bun + mayo + lamb + arugula + chips/hummus · chicken salad (made with yogurt & mayo) with grapes & herbs

Saturday |  poached eggs + finely chopped tarragon + hollandaise + bacon + toasted ciabatta + coffee · eat lunch out · frozen pizza + arugula · ice cream

Sunday | morning glory muffins + medium boiled egg + coffee · mushrooms + butter + crème fraiche + parsley + toasted ciabatta · eat dinner out

Sometimes the last thing we want to do after moving is unpack the kitchen and get to work. Already there is so much to put into place and set up, but no matter how we look at it, we have to eat. So whether you plan to eat outside for the first couple of days or not, you’re still going to have to get in that kitchen before long. Too rid yourself of that dread, turn to meal planning.

Take a note of everything you already have in your pantry. If you have very little and will need to stop by the market, be sure to write down what you will buy and be sure to include meals, not just ingredients. Even just starting out with two-three main meals for the week can be enough. Double each recipe to feed everyone in your household and feel the goodness that is cooking once and eating twice.

While you’re planning all the other details of your move, remember to jot down a few meal ideas for when you arrive. Enjoy the trip, and arrive with a little peace of mind knowing that food is the last thing you need to figure out. Again, I hope this list and meal plan serves as an inspiration for your own preparedness on your upcoming move. Plan to explore new restaurants and eateries in your new town, but be sure to have a few staples handy in case you’ll need to throw something together. Sandwiches are great for this!