Music isn’t just for Mondays, this we can both agree upon. But when it comes to Monday mornings, we all need something to pull us from the sheets. Today, be pulled to the dance floor that is your bedroom. Yep, get to dancing. You can thank me later. Enjoy this morning playlist with a big glass of water and enjoy Rhye, Chet Faker, Tei Shi, Lorde, Låpsley, Banks, and Salt Cathedral.

A Monday Morning Playlist- Comp. No. v

A Monday Morning Playlist: Comp. No. v

  1. Rhye, Open
  2. Tei Shi, Bassically
  3. Låpsley, Painter
  4. Lorde, The Love Club
  5. Rhye, Sinful
  6. Banks, Warm Water
  7. Chet Faker, Cigarettes & Loneliness
  8. Rhye, Taste
  9. Lorde, Writer in the Dark
  10. Salt Cathedral, No Ordinary Man
  11. Rhye, Stay Safe
  12. Tei Shi, Baby


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February 7, 2018
February 27, 2018