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Jam Cellars Butter, California Chardonnay 2016 – sipping sun Jam Cellars Butter, California Chardonnay 2016 – sipping sun

Jam Cellars Butter, Chardonnay 2016

Jam Cellars Butter, California Chardonnay, 2016

The Back Label: “Wow…Butter Chardonnay is rich, bold and luscious. Made in the tradition of quality Californian winemaking, the grapes we select are juicy, ripe and bursting with flavor. We cold ferment this easy-to-love Chardonnay to a lush creaminess and age it in our unique blend of oak. Butter brims with stone fruit and baked-lemon notes and has a lovely, long, vanilla finish. Simply put, it melts in your mouth!”

sipping sun Having Sipped: I was incredibly blown away at how appeasing this oak-aged fruit bomb of a white wine is. For weeks I saw this lovely yellow label dancing, taunting me, out of the corner of my eye; finally I just couldn’t resist. One thing you’ll realize as you follow along on my wine journey is that I won’t share a wine that I wouldn’t want to stock up on. That being said, I suggest you stock up on this wine from Jam Cellars!

‘Buttery’ is a new term in my wine vocabulary, but it is quickly becoming a note that I search around for. This buttery delight isn’t “buttery” like the milk fat we spread on toast (and I wouldn’t dip my bread in it). Rather, it’s a cozy yellow comfort, such as the likes of butter (and peaches and tart seasonal lemons), and it’s welcome in my fridge alongside the milk.

Enjoy a glass of Butter Chardonnay the next time you prepare a hot white pasta dish (a creamy complement). I personally enjoyed mine with seafood (salmon & shrimp) pasta. In the midst of this holiday show-down, enjoy with a caramelized dessert or baked pears. It’s not too sweet and certainly not dry – rich, bold, and luscious just as we’re promised.

Also: I won’t only post wines with pasta dishes (cross my heart).

Specs From the Label:
Alcohol: 14.8%

Price: $16

I can’t wait until you try this wine. What are your thoughts after the first sip? Is it as wonderful as I’ve described above? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for sipping along!

December 12, 2017