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Intuition is Power – sipping sun Intuition is Power – sipping sun

We live in an information age. At any time, we may be bombarded with new information, some that is relative, and most that is not. Each nugget of advice, newly found wisdom, tried-and-true method or piece of information that reaches us, carries no power if we do not apply it to our lives.

You may know (or have heard, or read) that exercising is necessary if you wish to maintain a healthy body and a stable mind. All day, you can talk about how incredibly important exercise is for everybody. Let’s assume that everyone knows this already, yet not everyone organizes time every week to get their bodies moving. As a result, many of us live our lives weighted in stress and anxiety. We make poor choices or develop poor habits that keep our bill of health in constant jeopardy. In this likely scenario, is the fact that “exercise is incredibly important” actually powerful in itself?

No. That’s because information is not power. Information is simply that: informative. Intuition, on the other hand, is power. When the information that we receive connects with our ability to align that information with what our gut instinct tells us, then we are becoming heavily empowered as a result. Only at that point can we make a conscious decision to apply any new information based on our subconscious reasoning.

Intuition is Power

Intuition is Power

Intuition is a gift that each of us has innately. Sometimes, it takes a little practice when we start learning how to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. Eventually, you will reach a point in your own journey when you just know that you can trust you. What is so wildly exhilarating to me, is to realize that among all the information and noise around me, all I have to do is search from within.

I can search externally as well, for the vocabulary or for any amount of validation; I can search for growth. Yet, what I always circle back to, is that I was perhaps ‘right’ all along. Because I listened to my intuition, I have sought the information that confirms my suspicions, or my curiosities. Of course, I am not always right, nor do I seek validation to prove that I am; instead, I seek to find understanding or meaning, should there be a way I can justify anything I may be feeling.

What is important to know, if you take anything away from this post, is that our bodies are powerful machines that are designed to speak to us. We are also designed to listen to our bodies, to feel, and to learn or record information. The catch is, our brains do not come prewired for detecting or even understanding every language that is being spoken. Are you still with me?

Rather, our bodies are given to us, separate from our brains, and it is our responsibility is to write the manual that translates the signals from our bodies and arranges it into an uncoded message so that the mind can begin to understand fully. Once the mind understands fully, then we can start to make a plan; we can take action. We can apply the information that we have learned from outside sources, and combine them with what we have learned by listening to our bodies.

There is so much noise in the atmosphere of our everyday lives that it sometimes seems like a no-brainer to expect others to make decisions for us, to write our manuals for us. When you depend on others to fill in the blanks of your personal roadmap, you are choosing to deprive your brain of the nourishment it needs in order to solve your unique problems, to decode the one-of-a-kind language that your body speaks.

Imagine Two People

What you aren’t told enough is that you can do it alone. I don’t mean to say that you don’t need a supportive community, a team, a group of people who love and accept you. Think about this on a whole new plane. Your body and your mind are two entities that come from very different cultures, and speak two very different languages. We’ve seen this illustration in the world of partnership.

Imagine two people meet, they decide (over any length of time) that they want their lives to intertwine, that they want to stand by one another. They decide to marry (and I don’t mean the financial institution you may be thinking of – remove money and jewelry from the picture). Now, imagine this couple is from the same country and they speak the same language.

From the outside, the idea of these two people pairing together might appear to be a rather seamless transition. From the inside, each person actually speaks a completely different language that, while the brain is learning to translate, the partner too is required to translate. For the couple who puts in the effort, chooses to listen and is open to learning the languages that are married together, a rich reward ensues.

That reward is clarity – it is understanding, at one’s own core level, the core level of another.

Imagine One Head & One Body

Now that you have this visual of two people, direct your attention to one person who has a head with a brain inside, and a body without a head. Somewhere along the way, your head and your body meet; over any length of time, they decide that they want their lives to intertwine, that they want to stand by one another. So, they decide to marry.

In this marriage, the head and the body have come from the same country. They look the same and they talk the same, from the outside. In comparison to the many other one persons in this same country, the head and the body act the same as all the other one persons with a head and body. Are you following?

Inside, the head speaks a very different language than what the body speaks. The head might speak in concepts and reasoning and logic. The body might speak in feelings, according to instincts, or through sensations. The head does not innately know what the body is trying to tell it. The reason for this is because when the head and the body choose to get to know one another, they start from a place of not knowing.

Over time, and with continual effort, the brain learns and understands the language of the body. A vocabulary forms and delivers the tools that are necessary for writing the manual of our unique lives. The only difference between our first scenario and this one, is that we have the choice, and must choose, to get to know ourselves. Just like in a traditional marital setting between two people, choosing to get to know ourselves will make for a more unified existence.

You will start to feel more whole, and less like you need someone else to “complete” you. For you will soon realize that indeed you are already complete, it’s just a matter of you finding your body. How you do that, as a brain, is by shutting up and listening to your gut. Allow your intuition to guide you and to decipher the elements of every alert, every ache, and every signal to your brain that makes up your own innately guided path.

Intuition is Power

Whenever you’re in doubt, in question, or in a deep desire to understand the tug the universe has on you, start to believe the sensations of your body. The body is a powerful conveyor of rhythm and reason. The brain, on the other hand, is powerful too in that it has a strong desire to connect with and to learn every part of your skeleton, your muscles, your skin, and your organs.

If this is getting too deep into anatomy for you, then strike up a conversation with your body and be open to whatever it feeds you. You have the key to live the life of your dreams. Your dreams are only a fraction of the equation when it comes to actualizing a fulfilled life, a pleasant life, or a well-achieved life according to your unique desires and standards.

Tell me about a time when you just knew that your gut was trying to tell you something, that you couldn’t get the information required from outside sources, but found that it was only a matter of time before your brain caught onto the language of your body.

What was that experience like for you? Did a trust begin to grow with yourself that you hadn’t expected before?

Let me know in the comments below & thank you for joining me!