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GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 007 – sipping sun GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 007 – sipping sun

Issue 007 of GUIDE PRESCRIBED is one of my favorites yet, and if I haven’t prescribed it quite like I’m about to prescribe, then hang onto your soap because I’ve a well of prescriptions today. It’s summer, and even when you visit this post during other seasons, there’s plenty of room for these guys to stick around. On the list of rememdies is a linen spray that you’ll want to spray on everything, citrus and milk in a bar, and a simple recipe adaptation for a morning filled with j(am)oy.

Go ahead, give it a read, at the very least. After all, it is guide prescribed // a golden delight to suit your exceptional life.

Sandoval Interior Aromatics

Have you ever been on the Waitlist for an item online that you really wanted, but for one reason or another (namely 45 extra dollars) weren’t able to make the purchase when you received the alert email notifying you of said item’s restocked status? I missed the boat twice on this one, and as sad as I was, I remained hopeful that I would indeed be able to buy Sandoval’s Interior Aromatics in LOVE eventually.

Well, my friend, I’m humbled and quite pleased to inform you that I am in possession of this incredible linen (and underwear drawer, pajama drawer, closet & sofa) spray, and rather in love, if I may say. I knew it from the moment I read the description online that I would love this fragrance combination // “floral and earthy notes of neroli, ylang ylang and vetiver” not to mention that “each bottle contains a rose quartz crystal, that’s been charged in the full moon, to elevate feelings of love and passion.”

While I don’t know very much about crystals, I have been starting to research the different properties of different stone and crystal types to learn more about their healing properties and benefits. I haven’t specifically mentioned the big win for me when I bought this spray, but I will bridge the gap by telling you that when I read the back label, held it in my hands, before buying it, I learned about the rose quartz crystal.

Yep, as I set my eyes on this baby online, I was originally planning to have it delivered. However, as I was in San Francisco just last week on a spontaneous road trip, I in search of a store or salon that sold RMS beauty products. Being in a better-stocked city than Reno, NV, I was in luck. Upon picking up my reserved “un-coverup” at Veer & Wander, I was incredibly delighted to find that practically all the products on goop that I’ve been geeking out on were all in one place where I could touch & feel and ask questions. If it weren’t for the terrible riff with parking, I would have loved to have stayed longer, chatting with the knowledgeable woman who worked there. I even had to bring my husband inside to help me prioritize which items to get before I bought them all right then and there.

I was fortunate to have received a sample of goop’s revitalizing daily moisturizer. I’m partly sad that I really like it, and partly grateful that I have another great product to save up for. I’m all about saving up for quality items and I’m not afraid to share with you my favorite finds.

With Sandoval’s LOVE (potion) on my bedside table, I find ritual in misting our bedsheets before hopping into them, and even spritz my work outfit on days when I need a little extra love. This scent is wonderful all over the house as well. Enjoy!

for the spray | go here

Lemon Coconut Pacha Soap

Okay, so if you couldn’t get enough of Pacha Soap in Issue 005, I’ve got another one for ya. This time, it’s sincerely for summer, a special blend for the warm season. This soap is made with coconut oil, coconut milk, and even olive oil. I’ll admit, it’s a slippery one as it’s tricky to keep a good grip, but the scent is wonderful and just the right amount of sunshine in my shower. Pick yourself up a bar.

for the soap | see your local Whole Foods Market or go here

Blackberry Chia Jam

goop shared the most simple recipe for Raspberry Chia Jam, and I was quick to not only make it (it’s so simple!), but to adapt it too. Instead of raspberries, I made the jam with blackberries! I’ve also successfully made a version with strawberries, and yet my palette leans more towards the less sweet varieties. In the recipes details, it states this jam will keep well in a jar for up to a week, but I set mine in the fridge and enjoyed over several weeks.

For this simple must-have on croissant mornings, prepare the day before (although warm jam is a thing to be enjoyed just as much). Grab your 2½ C (frozen) berries, 2TBSP honey, zest & juice of ½ lemon, and 2TBSP chia seeds. That’s it!

for the recipe | go here.

July 25, 2018