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GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 006 – sipping sun GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 006 – sipping sun

The air is cool, indoors. The sunshine seemingly endless, the possibilities of enjoyment, no doubt, are forever long. Sometimes, the only way to really absorb summer is by bringing inside its bright blooms and surprising seed combinations. Oh, and sipping it while it’s hot.

GUIDE PRESCRIBED Issue 006 is not one you’re going to want to snooze (although an early afternoon nap could do us all some good). Pink is in (the vase) this week. Pu’ on de ket’le now, we’re to have a cuppa. If this isn’t a party enough, go ahead and bring out the cake too. Run along now, I’m no’ suggestion’ it. De guide prescribed // a golden something’ or other to suit ye…life.


Pink tulips are growing in batches. If you’re wiser than even I, you’ll buy at least two bundles of flowers and they’ll all stand quite upright and dandy. Don’t move along too quickly or you’ll miss their salute. I don’t know about you, but these bright pink babies are just the beginning. I’ve my eye on the faintest blushy lilac ones myself. Give these guys cold water and enjoy for up to a week (although I kind of like when they really start to wither and the petals resemble silk // perfect for an offering to the goddesses).

for the bouquet | see your local grocery store or florist

Numi Organic White Rose Tea

A smooth ride through the rose garden in your cup. For a life that is quite delicate and beautiful, just bring to a boil the water in your kettle and steep this tea for 2-3 minutes. White tea has a lower caffeine content than green tea, and in my opinion, is much easier to drink. Enjoy hot or iced (reserve 1 TBSP for your weekly clay mask). P.S. It’s organic!

for the tea | see your local Whole Foods Market

Hummingbird Loaf Cake

I know. The flowers and the tea just simply weren’t enough. There has to be cake too! And so there is. Hummingbird Loaf Cake, that is. With the perfect assortment of sunflower seeds and pistachios atop a sweet cream cheese frosting, atop a summer-style fruit-laden moist cake of pureed banana and crushed pineapple (and vanilla and cinnamon). This cake is too good to be true. Best if shared, and eaten one (thick) slice at a time. We’re all about the savoring here at sipping sun. So, get to savorin’.

for the loaf | see your local Whole Foods Market

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