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GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 005 – sipping sun GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 005 – sipping sun

Summer is all about the senses, namely scents. The weather is warm, the wind is lively, and the aromas of all the goings on are swishing passed, radiating in their stances. Some we have control over and others we don’t; regardless, it is of utmost importance that we grant ourselves the moment to take in all the beauty, through our noses, with our eyes, and in a delicate way, with our touch.

As your guide, I will not leave you astray any longer. In this week’s GUIDE PRESCRIBED  Issue 005, we’re getting our hands dirty and we’re washing them with a bar of soap. We are putting a bouquet of flowers on the table – flowers with a twist! And lastly, we are stopping in our attempt to capture the moon in its daylight glory – or at the very least, taking in the crater-y goodness, with simply our eyes, when it rises. If that’s not quite enough bite for the chew, then don’t take my word for it, but please, if I may, it is guide prescribed // a golden delight to suit your exceptional life.

Jasmine Gardenia

Pacha Soap Co has a jasmine gardenia bar soap that is luxurious and smells oh, so perfect for the sunny days among us. I love jasmine and gardenia scents, especially when they’re walking around with me. This soap leaves my skin feeling soft and cared for, not dry and deprived. An added bonus? Pacha makes bar soaps that can satisfy aesthetic junkies from all corners. I love the color combinations and raw edges of their soaps. They look gorgeous in a guest bathroom (or in your only bathroom) and bring to life the one who bathes with them.

Something I love about buying Pacha Soap products (they have wonderful bath fizzies too!) is the incredible impact they have on people all over the planet. To learn more about how your purchase creates jobs, provides clean water, and educates, go here.

for the soap | see your local Whole Foods Market or go here

Monochromatic Bouquet

I particularly love a full bunch of flowers of all the same type and color. Today, it gets wild with many different types of all the same color in what we’re calling a monochromatic bouquet. This bunch was waiting for me after work one day, and I was delighted by the scent-filled welcome upon opening my front door. The textures and variations of greenery make this bunch of white flowers unique and extra special. Trim the ends to fit in your favorite vase, removing any leaves that may touch the water. I’m unsure about when to use flower food (after chatting with my local florist), but for these babies, I clean the vase with soap and water every 2-3 days and dumped a packet of food in the last time, since I saw some flowers hadn’t yet bloomed.

I am grateful for this bouquet every day as sit down to have my breakfast, journal, or catch up on emails and blogging. A subtle gathering, yet potent and unmistakable in scent. Pick up a ready-made bunch at your favorite grocery store or visit your local florist to assemble your favorite picks from scratch.

for the bouquet | see your local grocery store or florist

Summer Moonrise

Capturing the beauty of the moon in it’s fullness and, what seemed to me, rather graspability isn’t easy without an expensive machine; however, to just give you a glimpse of what struck me, I couldn’t hold back. Upon arriving home, I was more than pleased to land my eyes on such a quaint, yet gorgeous view. With the days long and what may feel like a long work day, stopping to notice the small details of our days will surely bring us back to center, give us pause, and relieve us from whatever trouble may have accompanied us so far in the day, so that come evening, we can fully rest having taken a moment to redirect our attention.

Enjoy the sun in its set, and if you’re as fortunate as I was recently, you’ll get to experience the rising of the moon as well. Really, it was quite extraordinary.

for the moonrise | catch it when it comes

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