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GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 004 – sipping sun GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 004 – sipping sun

Today’s selection of prescriptions come from the dearest corner of my heart, and similarly with the stamp of approval from my taste buds. Not every Guide Prescribed issue will be all about food, but luckily for you, Issue 004 is filled to the brim with ideas for your next breakfast, lunch or dinner, and dessert, respectively. On the menu is a curry representative of your favorite local Indian dish, mushrooms like you haven’t consumed them before, and (not sorry) a second curry dish that highlights the green lentils in your life.

I hope this day’s celebration of delicious foods finds you in the new warmth of summer, offering a tiny bit of cozy appetizing for the coolness we so desire. For just a split second, it’s okay to hang onto that which comforts us. Save your enthusiasm for a hot meal and a hot cuppa. Don’t listen to me, although you can’t easily ignore my recommendations at this point. After all, each one is guide prescribed // a golden delight to suit your exceptional life.

Maya Kaimal Madras Curry

Just weeks ago I was able to convince M to join me for Indian food. A devastating passed experience has caused him to develop a dislike for curry dishes and any other authentic Indian meal that should follow. Well, to cut it, we both ordered a chicken curry dish over rice, not to mention fell in love with it. The only question we had was, “When will we get to eat this again?”

I asked the waiter if there was coconut milk in their recipe, sort of scouting out the famed “coconut curry” that I’d been craving. To my surprise, he responded in the negative. I thought, perhaps, I was thinking of a completely different cuisine. Well, after a couple weeks actually, I spotted Maya Kaimal’s Madras Curry on the shelf of our local Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Immediately I grabbed the 12.5 oz. jar from the shelf and quickly scanned the ingredient list on the back label.

We started to get really good at reading food labels since we decided that only pure, natural, and often organic ingredients should make there way into our bodies. To highlight, this natural recipe includes: onion, water, coconut cream, tomato puree, expeller-pressed canola oil, lemon juice from concentrate, garlic, ginger, turmeric, Serrano chili,  salt, urad dal lentils, curry leaves, and xanthan gum.

You can feel good about eating a jar of this curry sauce, and feeding it to your family. There are simple instructions on the back of the jar that we followed precisely and achieved great results. Served with cubed boneless chicken breast over rice made for a satisfying meal that was both filling and mesmerizing. This meal is super simple for weeknight dinners and makes for perfect leftovers.

for the sauce | see your local Sprouts Farmer’s Market or Whole Foods Market

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix (with Reishi)

Technically speaking, this hot cacao mix from Four Sigmatic is ideal for bedtime, with the calming, stress-relieving properties of the reishi mushroom (not to mention immune boosting!)… I, on the other hand first gave it a go in the morning. The powder is light in flavor, a fan of cinnamon as I am, yet much richer when prepared with hot milk. Opt for a dairy-free milk and your body will thank you. I like to prepare my hot chocolate with cashew milk, and cashews like me very much too.

For more information about Four Sigmatic brand, go here. There you will be able to learn much more about reishi and its wonderful healing properties, plus be introduced to other ‘shroom elixirs to accompany your day-to-day needs.

for the mix | see your local Sprouts Farmer’s Market or shop online here and here.

Coconut Lentil Soup

After perfecting and memorizing a red lentil soup recipe, I was determined to add another variety to my mastery. Well, mastery is quite strong, but I am smitten with this green lentil soup recipe I’ve adapted from Williams-Sonoma. Instead of lentils or green split peas, I often add a combination of both depending on what I have in my pantry. I actually love the mixture of lentils and peas because I normally wouldn’t eat just pea soup. Just lentils, yes, however.

To make this wonderful soup in just 40 minutes, have on-hand unsalted butter, yellow onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, vegetable stock or water, lentils and/or green split peas, sea salt, curry powder, a can of coconut milk, and a bunch of chives. That’s it! I can’t speak for you, but I certainly keep most of these ingredients stocked in my house, as I use them interchangeably for much of my cooking as it is. Score!

P.S. I’ve actually forgotten to get vegetable stock for this recipe once and used just water with complete satisfaction. Oh, well, maybe I did added a little chicken stock to the water… Either way, this soup is a great meatless meal to enjoy year-round.

P.P.S. Yes, people eat hot soup in the summer. Cheers!

for the recipe | go here.

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