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GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 003 – sipping sun GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 003 – sipping sun

A little sunshine for the dark winter months is sure to brighten anyone’s day, namely in the form of a flower. GUIDE PRESCRIBED Issue 003 is just the kind of pick-me-up you’ve been hoping for. The external is satisfied alongside the internal in this week’s sharing of the perfect foundation balm (or concealer) – a must-have for a little extra cheer around the eyes- and a season-less treat that just might be the most suitable complement to a hot cup of caff.

Without further persuasion, I insist you get your refill. After all, it is guide prescribed // a golden delight to suit your exceptional life.



For the passed few years, I have been researching and reading about organic beauty products, trying to decipher when to make a beauty product DIY-style and when to buy. Naturally, there are many effective beauty products for sale, but often they come at a steep price for the consumer. For two years, I have been making my own foundation powder, but use it in conjunction with a liquid foundation for the daily coverage I desire. Never have I used my foundation powder alone, nor have I attempted to produce my a liquid version of any kind.

Some projects I would rather leave to the experts. In this case, I leave it to RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-up, an organic foundation balm that every women should experience. With an extensive list of moisturizing, rejuvenating, and complexion enhancing, not to mention pore minimizing and healing ingredients, it’s enough to make anyone place her order, but when I say that they’re all organic, you’ll want to put it all over your face, no hesitation necessary. For more information about RMS’s ingredients, go here.

RMS are the initials of the founder, Rose-Marie Swift, a long-time makeup artist whose own health healing story drove her to develop a cosmetic line that was both effective in function as it is in providing long-term results by just applying.


With a different lifespan and care requirements than hydrangeas, sunflowers bring in a whole new ray of sunshine. During these winter months, it seems odd for a sunflower to find its way into our home, but whatever the cost, I highly recommend picking up a small bouquet. Just as with any flower arrangement, in small numbers, aim for a grouping in odd numbers. These long-stemmed babies arrived in 5’s.

While I am still learning the best way to care for sunflowers, I have enjoyed them for nearly 10 days. Trimming their stems every couple of days keeps them from becoming over-watered. I’ve learned this through experience. I used a Straus Family Creamery’s glass bottle that our chocolate milk came in a few weeks ago. It was hardly tall enough, but after a few days (and a few trimmings), it seemed to be just right.

Find a thin-necked vase for these thick-like-asparagus stems. I would even suggest your favorite patterned vase, as there aren’t many combinations that won’t go beautifully with the sunshine yellow of a sunflower. Enjoy your sunshine, any day of the year. If perhaps that means bringing the light in, during these winter months, than by all means, get yourself a bundle.

for the flowers | see your local farmer’s market or grocery store

Gelato by Naia

You’re looking for the perfect gelato, with simple, recognizable ingredients, and I’ve found just the right fit. Look no further than Gelato by Naia. For my husband’s birthday week, I picked up a couple of cannoli and went searching for the most complementary ice cream pairing, only to land upon this beautiful container of even-more-beautiful pistachio gelato.

While we were living in Turkey, we enjoyed having cappuccinos and cannoli at an Italian restaurant, Enzzo, where the cannoli was stuffed with pistachio ice cream. I thought that the pistachio ice cream was a little overwhelmingly pistachio, yet in comparison, Naia’s pistachio gelato is just the right amount of cream, sugar, and pistachios. This gelato allows for any cannoli to shine, however, a small dish all by itself is enough to satisfy any fine gelato craving.

Pairs incredibly well with: espresso, a bare ramekin, a dark chocolate covered/almond cream filled cannoli, caffeinated beverages, & a gold-brushed spoon.

for the gelato | see your local Whole Foods Market


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