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GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 002 – sipping sun GUIDE PRESCRIBED | 002 – sipping sun

I can’t believe it’s already that time again. Time to give you the lowdown, once more, with GUIDE PRESCRIBED Issue 002. This is our second biweekly edition of what I absolutely insist you get your hands on now. Without any further resistance, I’m sharing with you a dairy alternative to your morning coffee, the product of your dreams that will soon accompany your beauty routine, and a whole new way to season your eggs at breakfast.

You will walk away today with an entirely new outlook for how things can be, both in your bathroom, and in your kitchen, all with the special intention to make you look and feel wonderful. If it wasn’t for the skill of boiling the perfect egg, then you might be totally lost this week. Also, since two weeks is a long time, I’m happy to remind you of what we covered in Issue 001. Get your hands on the copy now. After all, it is guide prescribed // a golden delight to suit your exceptional life.


I was recently nursing a cold ( for over a week!). It seemed as though I could not shake the cold from me. We’ve all heard that we should avoid foods that contain sugar and dairy or caffeine while we’re recovering from being sick. Well, since the dang thing lasted more than 7 seven days, you can bet your bottom dollar I started getting antsy midway through the week, not to mention bored out of my mind. I’ll keep you from the suspense.

One fine, sun-shiney day, I made my out into the world again. I found myself in the dairy aisle of the grocery store with eyes as wide as the moon. All I really wanted was a warm cup of coffee topped with a little steamed cream to cozy up with on my couch. I imagined myself curled up watching The Crown, or tucked in bed with a little reread of an old book tucked away in a cabinet somewhere. The thought was intoxicating!

Okay, so I’ll tone down the drama for the next one, but do know that I played by the rules some and bought a dairy-free alternative to accompany my sinful caffeine impulse. Say hello to Ripple, a plant-based milk product derived from pea protein. I know, peas are probably the last thing you would want to put in your coffee, but let me break it down for you.

Protein, a flavorless compound, is extracted from peas and used to create a rich, smooth, and creamy (not to mention delicious, earth-friendly, and clean clean clean) milk to substitute around the table for dairy. “Ripple exists to make dairy-free as it should be: high in protein, low in sugar, loaded with nutrition and delicious.” For the whole story, go here. To learn more about ripptein (Ripple’s pea protein), go here.

That gritty, and sometimes watered down, texture you know from your regular ol’ nut milk? It doesn’t exist in a bottle of Ripple. So, for anyone with a lactose intolerance, or someone quite sick as I was once, Ripple might just be your new best friend when it comes to satisfying that urge to indulge in some creamy goodness. It certainly was for me. As far as the flavor goes, it sort of tastes like a soy milk, although it is soy-free. It’s almost nutty in tone, but deceiving since, well, it isn’t a nut, and it isn’t all weird inside either. Try some for yourself and let me know what you have to say on it.

I chose the original flavor for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve never tried milk from pea protein before and wanted the most unobscured version to form my opinion before moving onto flavors. Secondly, the only other flavor they have (right now) is vanilla and I’m not really one for vanilla in my coffee (except this homemade lavender version) – really I just like cream. No sugar, just cream. So it was decided. I definitely feel inclined to try the vanilla one should I be sharing the coffee experience with someone I love, but for now, the original is hitting the spot. That dairy-craving spot.

P.S. This isn’t a dairy-free lifestyle conversation, but rather just something to think about. Ripple – the ripple effect of doing awesome things for people, by way of doing something awesome for the planet.

for the half & half | see your local Sprout’s or Whole Foods Market

Guide Prescribed | 002

Derma · E

I have oily skin, surprise! But since moving to Nevada, where the streams are merely cracks in the earth, the dry weather has been the bane of my existence. My skin has been working overtime to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air, thus resulting in frequent breakouts and what seems to be a never ending cycle of scrubbing, applying toner and moisturizing (which also hasn’t rung in its effects well). Instead, my skin wasn’t soaking in the moisturizer leaving my face to suffer.

Well, finally I got around to pursuing a beauty tip I accumulated from a series of French-inspired blogs: micellar water. Before ordering a bottle online, I chose to take a trip outdoors to the nearby Whole Foods. After digging around a bit in the beauty section, I came across a couple brands, Derma · E and Pacifica’s Cactus Water. I was actually intrigued by the sound of cactus water, but after reading the back label where it said to “keep away from the eyes”, I immediately chose today’s winner.

Micellar water is an incredible product that removes makeup without the oily residue we are so used to. In conjunction to dissolving makeup, Derma · E’s Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water also helps to maintain your skin’s “proper balance,” by dissolving impurities (as it says on the label!), thus improving the appearance of your skin. The addition of probiotics and rooibos “help skin to appear brighter and replenished.”

How to use: Apply to a cotton pad and sweep gently over face, eyes, lips, and neck. No rinsing required. Use in the morning and evening.

I use this product at night, after a day’s work. It removes all of my makeup ( I don’t tend to wear mascara, but other woman have raved about its effectiveness in removing all eye makeup) in 2-3 rounds (I tend to go heavy on the eyebrows). I recommend using enough of the solution to cover one side of a cotton ball (not soaking through). Avoid using too much at once or it may seep into your eyes (yikes!). Micellar water is otherwise very gentle and leaves my skin feeling replenished, hydrated and smooth to the touch.

On days when I have either quite a bit of makeup on or feel I need a little extra cleanse, I wash my face with a facial cleanser after using Derma · E. To combat pesky breakouts, I will use Derma · E to remove makeup and then dab a little witch hazel alcohol-free toner over any blemishes (no sweeping here, only dabbing). Otherwise, just using the micellar water, and not rinsing, feels completely normal.

When I don’t wear makeup during the day, I still sweep the micellar water all over my face for a fresh feel right before bed (using just one lightly-coated cotton ball). I rarely use this product in the mornings unless I need a little bit of a pick-me-up. I encourage you to see which method works best for you.

for the micellar water | see your local Sprout’s or Whole Foods Market

Lemon + Cayenne

Just when you think a soft-boiled egg couldn’t get any better, you squeeze a little lemon on top and sprinkle cayenne until you’re looking down on your breakfast from space and realize that this idea is out. of. this. world.

I met a woman at work last month who, I believe, started to occupy our mutual working environment for the sole purpose of telling me about how she likes her eggs. We had a brief chat once while we were both still training. I started to really like this woman. Her name was V and the two of us could easily be mistaken for a couple of nine-year-olds when we got together. This is what it’s all about, I thought, cracking jokes and then just laughing at everything that the other one said, just because it felt good to laugh.

Then V didn’t come back to work. You know how people get sick or stay home to care for their kids who are sick? Well, this maybe wasn’t the case since she never came back to work, which is why I’ve concluded that she really only came in as an angel to save us all from our a lifetime of same-old. The lemon was her suggestion. The cayenne, however, is mine.

After countless attempts at perfecting my hollandaise egg yolk-to-clarified butter ratio, adding lemon and cayenne (and white pepper and a pinch of salt) was my favorite way to add the finishing touches, just before serving. Well, when V and I were talking about eggs and she recommended the lemon, I immediately thought about the hollandaise, and more precisely now, the hollandaise effect.

Adding lemon to your eggs is all fine and dandy, but the added cayenne for a little kick, white pepper for sass, and a pinch (or couple twists) of celtic grey sea salt is really where the magic is. When I’m craving that hollandaise-esq lemony flavor, I just remember V and her words of wisdom, “You like eggs, Kayla? Well, next time put some lemon on yo’ eggs before you eat ’em.”

Yes ma’am, I will.

Guide Prescribed | 002

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