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Golden Rule No. 21 | Sleep Well – sipping sun Golden Rule No. 21 | Sleep Well – sipping sun

Golden Rule No.21 | sleep well

Golden Rule No. 21 · Sleep Well

It’s one thing to prioritize rest, but it’s another to get out of it what you so desperately deserve. From a quality mattress and soft or crisp sheets to a clear mind and a dark room, there are many factors that come together to create a sleeping environment worth sleeping in. Burning enough energy during the day is essential for sleeping well at night. Learning to eliminate stress and set our worries aside before we climb into bed is extremely important to avoid keeping ourselves up through the night.

A visual sleepscape, an aesthetically pleasing space, might just be the ingredient that gets us eager to land our heads on our pillows. A little cat nap in the early afternoon might just be what the day prescribes us. Sleep. And whenever you do it, do it well.

January 17, 2018
January 19, 2018