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Golden Rule Highlights No. 11-20 – sipping sun Golden Rule Highlights No. 11-20 – sipping sun

What did you think about having Golden Rules No. 1-10 all in one convenient place? Since the blog began, I have been on a mission to sort of put things in order, by way of the golden rules. To focus, weekly, on these reminders I made it the thrust of our discussions, the funnel for recalling honing in on the good stuff.

This year, we will be diving deeper on the title topics of these highlights. While highlights are for the prime topics, I believe that each one deserves to shine. Some of the highlights that we’ve gone into further detail in other posts are Finding Comfort in the Unknown, Meditation: My Healing Experience, and Creating Goals the are Actually Attainable: a Guide.

For more golden life inspiration, stop by the blog on Thursdays and enjoy.

Golden Rules No.11-20

Golden Rules No. 11-20

Golden Rule No. 11 · give others the chance to be generous

Golden Rule No. 12 · be okay not knowing

Golden Rule No. 13 · send a hand-written letter

Golden Rule No. 14 · have neutral expectations

Golden Rule No. 15 · save your best wishes for others

Golden Rule No. 16 · meditate

Golden Rule No. 17 · disregard ignorance

Golden Rule No. 18 · use your oven

Golden Rule No. 19 · learn the power of “no”

Golden Rule No. 20 · schedule your priorities

January 9, 2018