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Golden Rule Highlights No. 1-10 – sipping sun Golden Rule Highlights No. 1-10 – sipping sun

Golden Rules are stationed somewhere at the headquarters of our being. Sometimes we put thought into them, and other times they happen naturally. We inherit many of our values and beliefs from our families, our communities, and our environments. As we grow, we start to form our own opinions. In some cases we agree with what we’ve been taught all these years, and yet in many cases, we start to piece together our own roadmap.

For me, the Golden Rules that I share on sipping sun are the elements of my own personal roadmap. They act as reminders for me when I steer from the path, when I let someone’s negative words affect me or find myself overwhelmed with confusion. There is no specific order in which the rules should remain. Simply, the list must begin somewhere. Golden Rules No. 1-10 are a handful of my favorites, right up front and center. I have found that when I focus on just one rule, it becomes apparent to me in my daily life, in many arenas, that I must stay true to myself and what feels good at a core level.

Enjoy this list, and please tell me which resonates best with you right now. Each link leads to its respective post so that you can read each topic in more detail.


Golden Rules No.1-10

Golden Rules No. 1-10

Golden Rule No. 1 · choose to get to know yourself

Golden Rule No. 2 · accept others for who they are

Golden Rule No. 3 · when in doubt, choose kindness

Golden Rule No. 4 · greet with a smile if nothing else

Golden Rule No. 5 · focus your thoughts on listening

Golden Rule No. 6 · live a little slower

Golden Rule No. 7 · rise alongside the sun

Golden Rule No. 8 · prioritize rest

Golden Rule No. 9 · cherish every season

Golden Rule No. 10 · be open to new opportunities