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The Golden Ritual Called Life – sipping sun The Golden Ritual Called Life – sipping sun

Life is a ritual. It is a place in which we arrive, enjoy, and inhabit for a time until we leave. While we are present in this life, we choose to be as aware as possible, to explore and to question, to answer and to be wide-eyed throughout our entire journey. We are students of this life and creators of our own personal rituals. How we choose to experience every moment is how we choose to write the story of our whole lives.

sipping sun is your guide to the golden ritual. A life that is genuine, personal, and truly ours is a life that is golden, a life that is worth living. Each of us is to strive to exist under circumstances that allow us to thrive and to embody the lives that we have been created to live. I have a purpose, and it is an evolving purpose. It is a journey, an experiment, a listening endeavor.

In each of our days, it is the act of self-love that encourages us to develop routines or rituals that inspire us to grow, to rest, and to savor every moment. We give ourselves something to look forward to. Before long, we begin to notice that we have examined and organized our lives in a way that we might learn to enjoy every aspect of our days. We learn to master our minds and our emotions; we learn to plan well, yet to keep our expectations low; we learn to find beauty in our challenges and obstacles through life and choose to direct our fear in a way that is motivating and empowers us.

The Golden Ritual Called Life

The Golden Ritual Called Life

Every component of our lives should not be overlooked. Examine all areas and uncover the truth that is buried deep. Is there an area of your life that makes you unhappy, uneasy, or uncomfortable? Dive down deep to reveal the source of your dissatisfaction, your resistance, or your pain. Write down your thoughts and your discoveries. Review these records as time passes and solve your burning questions.

Examine your life for positivity and functionality. In what areas are you satisfied, able to make decisions, or free to allow your imagination to guide you? Be specific when it comes to the details. Every detail matters. Understand why a certain aspect of your life is running smoothly. Be the expert of you, and remove all limitations that stop you from being who you truly are. You are beautiful, just as you’ve arrived.

While examining your life is a process of understanding, and dissecting, developing your life is your commitment to growing. You are a lifelong student. You are curious and you choose to grow. Change does not hinder you; the unknown does not frighten you. Developing your life is a long-term and ever-changing process.

Remain inquisitive and open to information that can serve you well. Distinguish the difference between useful and harmful information. Experiment with ideas to better get to know yourself and to weed out what doesn’t render seamlessly with your chemistry. Allow for your truth to surface in time.

Bring order to your life. Maintain a level of ownership that cannot be mistaken for a firm grip. Life is an organic figure that sways in the breeze, shifts, and goes astray. Organize your every day like a template so that you might have a guide to go off of, but then let life step in and surprise you, keep you on your toes. Have it all make sense, and look after yourself, then rest and enjoy.

Build something wonderful for yourself. From something physical and tangible to anything that is conceptual or methodical, create something that is substantial in your life. Build a family, a community, a following. Put something out in the world that makes you feel excited, that you are proud of. Show someone, show everyone, or keep it a complete secret. Follow your imagination where it leads you; stop along the way and find something that inspires you.

You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to create, you only have to have a brain and a heart.

Feed your life with every color of the spectrum. Nurture you creations, your development, and your curiosities. Water the seeds you’ve planted, plant new seeds, and practice patience all the while watching the life grow around you. Give to the good of your ritual, and welcome revitalization in place of what’s been a waste of energy and resources.

Become the designated being in the life that you have created for yourself. Embody your vision. Be the person you imagine you will be when you imagine your happiest self. Start to be that person today and enjoy the path to your achievements. All that you may believe you are waiting for is actually within you at this very moment. So, forget “some day.” Today is the day.

Believe in the story that you tell yourself. Believe in the person you are and the person you wish to become. Believe in your body and your mind and that the two will intertwine and become one trusted source of information. Believe in the life that you have made or wish to make for yourself. Believe that everything is “figureoutable” (to quote Marie Forleo). Believe that you are in control and have the strength to change for the better. Believe in yourself and others will too.

The Golden RItual Called Life

Enjoy the ritual that you have worked so hard to understand through examination, develop through learning, curate based on reason, create based on your ability to live and breathe and imagine, nurture at a core level, embody at a truth level, and have earned the right to believe that you are making sound choices for your life. Only you can decide for you. Anyone else has no right to judge you, to not believe in you, nor to disempower you through guilt or shame or jealousy.

Do you want a life of gold? Then get started capturing your very own golden ritual, seizing it at all the right moments, and rest peacefully at night knowing that you have the key that unlocks your inherent power.