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editor & guide – sipping sun

editor & guide


Thank you for exploring sipping sun, an expression of my commitment to a life lived more simply, a theme treading on minimalism at the heart and the hearth, and my aching desire to share my own personal stories of progress and inspiration. I aspire to write about the everyday things that make us so incredibly different from one another, yet so inherently the same. I believe that each of our journeys is wildly unique, but on the surface we can talk about the struggles and challenges that most of us face in a lifetime, and then take the solutions and drag them deep down to where the circumstances of our lives vary, applying what we learn with what we already know.

I am passionate about growth and discipline, but you won’t know me to give you a pamphlet with your name at the top followed by a list of all the many things you should be doing, starting yesterday. Instead, I understand that our stories vary based on our personalities, our goals, and our journeys. With that in mind, the ideas and stories expressed on the blog are those of my personal interest or exploration, and are intended to initiate a conversation, to share experiences of similar or opposing natures.


Contrary to the likes of many, I enjoy domestic duties. You can find me happily doing laundry, cleaning, rearranging, preparing homemade meals, baking and burning or undercooking things. Before long, there’s a chance I will be trying something new, and if I can’t seem to get it right (and it isn’t bread), I usually get right back in that kitchen and try to whip up another.

I am a serious passioneer for wicked fresh coffee, quality reading material, and tiny handmade objects. Anything that is made thoughtfully is made to be consumed thoughtfully. I am not addicted to caffeine, I don’t participate in the latest celebrity gossip, and there is no desire in my bones to have lots of stuff around, especially a bunch of tiny stuff. You will most often find me waiting until I can purchase an issue of Kinfolk magazine, the best blow-dryer, or the organic, grass-fed version of something over that one product that can be picked up on a whim, but doesn’t match my needs, wants, or expectations.


Graciously and with poise, I immerse myself in research for the pure sake of learning. I am intrigued by the mind and the body and how the two can learn to work together so cohesively. But what intrigues me even more is the process that comes before the two actually meet - that window of time and space when in the midst of change and understanding, we feel as though our experience is just a waste of time, or has no direction, but come to realize on the other side that it was all truly worth it. It’s worth it even for the tiny details.

I love processes. I love the journey and accept that things take time, that life goes through seasons, and that by practicing patience every day, we can allow our minds to catch up with the information that’s good for us. It sometimes takes a bit for it all to sink in, but it’s a good feeling when it finally does.

My goal is to be your guide for the pure sake of lending you ideas, wet noodles if you will, and seeing if any of them stick. Life is an experiment and, if done so mindfully and with the goodness of your health and spirit in mind, can turn out to be a wonderful exploration that is full of courage and gusto. We all deserve lives that serve us well and that we love so dearly; it’s just a matter of realizing who’s running the show, because once you figure that one out, it’s gonna be a grind-your-own-beans fest with a side of fresh flowers and eating gluten-free sometimes despite the tolerance. Oh, well, maybe that's just me.