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Learning Leisure

Leisure is a concept that you might think comes naturally to everybody. The truth is, leisure is a concept that many grasp inherently, while others work hard to learn. The best part is that it can be learned. For those of you reading, thinking of your long list of leisurely…

Starting Fresh is for Quitters

I’m a quitter. Always have been. Generally, I don’t quit when it becomes too hard, but I do take it upon myself to listen to the signs of my body, follow my gut, and instinctually know when something has run its course, or just doesn’t feel good any more….

Breaking the Rules

The rules of life can be overwhelming. It can often appear as though our every days are black and white with little to no gray, no wiggle room. We are mostly conditioned this way as we are raised, from childhood until we become adults. We follow the rules of…

Developing a Self-Care Ritual

This life is golden, and it is golden because we choose to take the time to make it shine. Our world shines because we have made it a priority to practice self-love through a regular self-care ritual. Making it a part of our daily lives to do something wonderful…

The Golden Ritual Called Life

Life is a ritual. It is a place in which we arrive, enjoy, and inhabit for a time until we leave. While we are present in this life, we choose to be as aware as possible, to explore and to question, to answer and to be wide-eyed throughout our…

Intuition is Power

We live in an information age. At any time, we may be bombarded with new information, some that is relative, and most that is not. Each nugget of advice, newly found wisdom, tried-and-true method or piece of information that reaches us, carries no power if we do not apply…

Meditation: My Healing Experience

My interest in meditation in 2016 began near the year’s end. After subscribing to the seemingly endless portal of yoga videos, provided within the Find What Feels Good community through a special membership, I came across a mindfulness meditation video guided by Adriene Mishler; I sat down, and pressed…

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