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Golden Rule

Golden Rule No. 9 | Cherish Every Season

Golden Rule No. 9 · cherish every season
If it weren’t for winter, we wouldn’t have spring, which produces the summer that heats up just enough to shock us into fall, making all the leaves fall off the trees, and nothing less follows suit but a splendid freeze that locks in…

Golden Rule No. 8 | Prioritize Rest

Golden Rule No. 8 · prioritize rest
As you would schedule breakfast, lunch, and dinner, schedule a time for you to regroup, rejuvenate, and relish in the quiet around you, or in the tiny spurts of solitude. From a few minutes to a few hours a day, rest must be taken…

Golden Rule No. 7 | Rise Alongside the Sun

Golden Rule No. 7 · rise alongside the sun
If even for just one day every once in a while, experience the freshness, the crisp earthy smells, and the ever-changing colors of the sky when you seek the light of the sun in the morning. There really is nothing like greeting…

Golden Rule No. 6 | Live a Little Slower

Golden Rule No. 6 · live a little slower
Reminders to live a little slower, take our time, enjoy, savor, and endure the process, pop up in our daily lives. One of these days, I hope one of them resonates with you so that you can see just how beautiful everything…