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Golden Rule

Golden Rule No. 21 | Sleep Well

Golden Rule No. 21 · Sleep Well
It’s one thing to prioritize rest, but it’s another to get out of it what you so desperately deserve. From a quality mattress and soft or crisp sheets to a clear mind and a dark room, there are many factors that come together…

Golden Rule Highlights No. 11-20

What did you think about having Golden Rules No. 1-10 all in one convenient place? Since the blog began, I have been on a mission to sort of put things in order, by way of the golden rules. To focus, weekly, on these reminders I made it the thrust…

Golden Rule Highlights No. 1-10

Golden Rules are stationed somewhere at the headquarters of our being. Sometimes we put thought into them, and other times they happen naturally. We inherit many of our values and beliefs from our families, our communities, and our environments. As we grow, we start to form our own opinions….

Golden Rule No. 18 | Use Your Oven

Golden Rule No. 18 · use your oven
Rise early, throw on your slippers and your robe and make your way over to the oven. Turn the thing on, put something in it, and enjoy the smells and feels of using your oven. Then eat whatever tasty goodness you’ve produced.

Golden Rule No. 17 | Disregard Ignorance

Golden Rule No. 17 · disregard ignorance
There are times, and there will be more times, when ignorance reveals itself in the action or inaction of others. You may feel displeased or even agitated by someone else’s failure to seek information or employ thoughtful gestures on a particular topic, or…

Golden Rule No. 16 | Meditate

Golden Rule No. 16 · meditate
Breathe in. Breathe out. Deepen each inhale. Elongate each exhale. Count 1 at the top of the inhale, 2 at the bottom of the exhale. Count 1 at the top of the inhale, 2 at the bottom of the exhale… When a thought arises,…

Golden Rule No. 14 | Have Neutral Expectations

Golden Rule No. 14 · have neutral expectations
Having high hopes may lead to disappointment, worst-case-scenarios may uncover even worse cases than you’ve imagined, but remaining completely in the middle may just be the key to new and experienced experiences. Anything is bound to change or to surprise us, so…