A Monday Morning Playlist: Comp. No. iii

A Monday Morning Playlist- Comp. No. iii

photo from Pursuit with Purpose . com

A Monday Morning Playlist: Comp. No. iii

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying The Pursuit with Purpose Podcast with Melyssa Griffin. She has a special way of connecting with her guests that makes every conversation such a natural exchange and inevitable relationships blossom as a result. As your composer of A Monday Morning Playlist, I am excited to share with you a few of my favorite podcast episodes so far.

Episode 04: It’s Okay to Change Your Mind (About Everything) and Live the Life You Really Want, with Natalie MacNeil

Episode 09: The Keys to Creating the Best Relationship of Your Life, with Vienna Pharaon

Episode 13: How to Use Meditation to Feel Like a Less-Stressed, Happier Version of Yourself, with Emily Fletcher

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