A Monday Morning Playlist: Comp. No. ii

watercolor by Inslee Fariss for The Simply Luxurious Life

A Monday Morning Playlist: Comp. No. ii

In last week’s issue of News & Letter, I mentioned having an entire list of reasons why I love Mondays. It isn’t something everyone believes she is fortunate enough to admit, however, if you wish you were on the loving side of the week’s commencement, keep your ears open – I may have just what you’re looking for…

Comp. No. i delivered a modern jazz band that I’ve been really excited about lately, and it certainly has been just the thing I need to get moving Monday mornings – along with a big glass of lemon water! Today, I am eager to share a wonderful podcast from one of my favorite blogs, The Simply Luxurious Life. Shannon Able’s weekly podcast, The Simple Sophisticate, airs every Monday morning – a delightful addition to your morning commute, or perhaps to accompany your golden ritual.

However you choose to listen, it will be as though you are sitting down with a dear friend to talk about life and how we can thrive in our everyday existence, savoring the simple luxuries that each of us deserves.

Here are just a few episodes I’ve absolutely enjoyed, although it hasn’t been easy to decide:

The Simple Sophisticate, Shannon Ables from The Simply Luxurious Life

#173: The Benefits of Having a Mission Statement & How to Create Your Own

#155: 6 Life Lessons for Living Well from Julia Child

#107: Relax: 21 Ways to Know You’re Doing Just Fine in This Thing Called Life

#44: The Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

#20: How to be the Master of Your Mind

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