Monday often comes as a dreadful enigma. Today, however, the contrary happens to be true, and for you, the first day of the week can be a delight as well. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of creating the right kind of atmosphere, setting a tune, a joyful sound. Because I love Mondays so much, I can’t help but lend a little bit of that love and share with you an album from a band I have recently been introduced to.

In the morning, let there be jazz. Let there be The Hot Sardines.

Here’s to you and the start of a new week:

A Monday Morning Playlist: Comp. No. i

The Hot SardinesThe Hot Sardines

  1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
  2. Goin’ Crazy With The Blues
  3. Wake Up In Paris
  4. Zazou (Sweet Sue)
  5. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
  6. Your Feet’s Too Big
  7. Honeysuckle Rose
  8. Petite Fleur
  9. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
  10. Let’s Go
  11. (I Don’t Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance With You


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